Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Red/Black/Silver Football Colors Mani

Hey y'all!  As today is my birthday I thought I would share a favorite mani that I recently did.  It incorporates the colors from both of my fav football teams, the Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia Bulldogs. This could really work for any team with those colors, or you could change it up to suit your colors.

uga falcons nails

I wanted to do something with the 3 colors that would be different than I have done before.  I am horrible at stamping, so I decided to try marble stamping.  And this is how it turned out.

uga falcons nails

The base colors for the index and ring fingers are Sally Hansen Silver Sweep with Make Up Store Greta over top, while the base for the middle and pinky fingers is OPI Coca-Cola Red.

uga falcons nails

For the ring finger I went a little basic.  With the stripes down the sides of pants, I did a somewhat thick stripe of red with Wet N Wild Black Creme on each side. It left most of the holo open and easy to see.

uga falcons nails

Then for the rest of the nails I used a marble stamping technique using OPI Coca-Cola Red, Wet N Wild Black Creme, Sally Hansen Silver Sweep, and Make Up Store Greta.

uga falcons nails

I wasn't 100% perfect at it, but I did get it to transfer in spots and made it look different.

uga falcons nails

Messy, but pretty....at least I think so.

I really hated taking these off when it was time, and definitely plan to try to perfect this technique.

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