Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Recent Empties - Hair Stuff

Hey y'all!  So here's another post of empties I've collected since my last post.  Since I don't wash my hair but maybe twice a week it takes me a while to go through these.

empties review hair products

L'Oreal Curve It Elastic Curl Mousse and Curl Taming Cream: I am totally obsessed with both of these products.  They work just as great individually as they do together.  I also love some of the other L'Oreal Advance Haircare products, so give them a try if you're thinking about them.  These both make my curls look great for days without being heavy or sticky.  I've tried other things from the drugstore and keep going back to these.

Infusium Miracle Therapy Leave-In Treatment with Moringa Oil: I was not a fan of this at all.  I honestly don't even remember when/how I got it.  No matter how little of this I applied to my ends, it seemed like I spread it all over my head.  I love other Infusium products, just not this.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle: This has been my holy grail deep conditioner treatment for ages. In fact, I've had this one for a while because I once had a ton of coupons and they were on sale, making them around $1 each. So while I still have a few of these to go through, I have a new holy grail now.....this is still great, but I like the newer product better...and I'll have that for you at a later time. :D

Clairol Flare Hair Color in Twilight(2VV) and Burgundy(5VVR): I don't even remember when I used these last, but the reds in the Clairol Flare line are my latest favorites.

Clairol Flare 20 volume Cream Developer:  This is a sample size that I think I got for free when I purchased a few boxes of color. It's ok, not as great as the Ion for sensitive scalp though, IMO.

So, that's my latest hair empties.  What hair stuff are you loving?

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  1. Nice little reviews on all of these hair products.


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