Monday, November 2, 2015

Recent Empties

Hey y'all!  While I'm working on getting caught back up on blogging, I needed a break, I thought I'd go ahead & share some recent empties.  I've been holding on to these for a few months, so it's not all things I used since my last empties post.

I've got a TON of things to go over in this post. So lets get right to it, shall we!

Q-tips - Of course these have various uses in my house.  I prefer the brand name swabs to the store brand, which most of them seem flimsy.

Softsoap Pampered Hands - This is in the tangerine scent & it's a foaming hand soap.  I don't know that it "pampered" my hands, but it did small great and citrusy. 

Castor Oil  - After researching the oil cleansing method, I grabbed a bottle of this to use in my blend.  I'm not practicing the OCM daily, only when I wear make-up, but this helps for my skin type.

Lint Free Remover Wipes - I tend to purchase these off of eBay for a decent price and they last FOREVER to take my polish off.  They take up very little space and actually do a pretty good job.  I will continue to purchase these OVER and OVER.

Sweet Almond Oil - I also got this for the OCM, but ended up using it in my DIY hair detangler to amp up the smell.  This oil has TONS of uses.

Garnier Curl Sculpting Cream Gel - This is one of my favorite inexpensive curly hair products. If I use too much, it does get a little "crunchy", but it's easy to scrunch that crunch away.  Using this alone makes my curls look soft and defined.

Suave Keratin Infused Dry Shampoo - Honestly, this wasn't one of my favorites....but I used it up.  Each person prefers something different for their hair, but this just wasn't my cup of tea.

Shea Moisture Shampoo - I received this Superfruit 10-in-1 in a Target Beauty Box.  The sample was much larger than I was expecting, but I don't think I was able to fully form an opinion on it without being able to use more of the product along with the conditioner.  It smelled amazing though, so I'd probably give it a try.

Bare Minerals Brush Shampoo - Sadly, I've had this FOREVER.  I used to use it a LOT, that was until I actually learned how to CLEAN my brushes.  It worked well, but now I've moved on to something else. 

Argan Oil Hair Mask - I reviewed this last year, and you can see that review HERE.  I liked it as well, but I'm working on finishing up some of the stuff in my stock-pile before moving on to anything else.

Now for the rest of the items....I'm not a professional, this is just what works for me.  Depression, anxiety, and insomnia are something I've lived with for years.  Last year, I went through a LOT and was in a very dark place.  Thankfully a friend suggested some supplements and these have helped TREMENDOUSLY.

Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and L-Theanine.  Melatonin is also there, but now that I'm on a routine I only use it as needed. 

My energy levels have increased, I'm slowly losing weight, and I could tell a difference just after the first few days of taking these.  I will continue to use these as long as I feel I need them.  Some of them are hard to find, but most herbal shops and GNC carry them...but I'm now ordering it all online. 

So that's what I've finished up lately.  What about you?

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