Saturday, July 11, 2015

Recent Empties

Hey y'all!!!  I haven't been finishing that many product's monthly, so today is a recent empties post.  I'm still working on using everything up before starting on something new, but I'm not rushing.  SO, here's what we've got.

I already have reviews up for most of these and will, as usual, include a link to each of them where applicable.

Reviva Labs Glycolic Acid Oily Skin Day Moisturizer - I really liked this, but felt it was more, for me, a nighttime moisturizer.  It is, as it says, light....but I tended to use it more on non-makeup days.

Softlips Cube - This is in the Pomegranate Blueberry scent. I think I got this in a VoxBox or something.  I liked how it has SPF, and works really well...making my lips feel soft and smooth.  However, the fact that once it gets kinda even with the cube there's still product in the packaging.  The only way to get it out is to use your fingers and I HATE doing that.  Especially when I'm out and on the go & don't always have hand sanitizer on me.  Great product, horrible packaging.

Lifetherapy Bodywash - These can be used as body wash and/or hand soap.  They're perfect to try the different scents out, for stocking stuffers, for travel, and various other things.  I really LOVED these and of course my fav is the Escape scent.

got 2b Smooth Operator - This product has been a multi-tasker for me.  I don't remember which YTer I saw suggest it, but I love it.  I've actually this for a while & use it for straight and curly hair.  For those days I want to straighten my hair, I use just a little of this plus a heat protectant spray.  For curly days when I don't want to do a lot, I just add a little bit of this and let it air dry.  Thankfully I think I already own a backup of this.

Garnier Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel - When I bought this I already had the cream gel and loved it.  This, not so much.  The packaging is great, and I LOVE that it has a fine mist sprayer.  What I didn't like was that it seemed to take forever to get any product onto the hair.  So I'd spray it into my hands then scrunch into the hair while wet.  It dried more crunchy, and was just ok in my opinion.  The cream is way better, I think.  Because I love the sprayer on this I've cleaned it out already and mixed up my detangler concoction in the bottle.

That's it for recent empties.  Until next time!

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