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CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara and Intensify Me! Eyeliner

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Hey y'all!  Today I have 2 new amazing products from CoverGirl to tell y'all about.  Both are part of the LashBlast range & I'm in love.  CoverGirl has REALLY been winning me over lately.

covergirl lash blast super sizer mascara intensify me eyeliner

Back when I first started wearing makeup I wore nothing but CoverGirl.  Then, as I got older and started buying my own stuff, I played with different brands.  Several years ago I tried a few things and was sadly disappointed and gave up on the brand.  As soon as I saw great reviews on the Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation I gave it a try and fell in love.  Since then I've been trying product after product and have been obsessed with each of them.  I'll stop blabbering away and get to the products and info now.

covergirl lash blast intensify me eyeliner
CoverGirl Intensify Me! Eyeliner by LashBlast™ (MSRP: $8, but prices will vary)
covergirl lash blast intensify me eyeliner
Click picture to enlarge.
As far as I can tell,  this is only available in one shade(300 Intense Black) and is not waterproof.  The paddle is a felt tip that has a shape unlike any other I've ever seen.  If you enlarge the picture above, you'll see that depending on how you hold the pencil you can get a pretty thin or a thick line.  The pen itself is just slightly thicker than a pencil and the "handle" is sort of a textured area of the plastic that looks rubbery.  

This is SUPER easy to hold and apply.  In fact, I've always been kind of afraid of using liquid liner due to having hooded AND oily lids.  Other than messing up a little on the inner portion of my lid, you'll see in the picture at the bottom of this post, I had no problems.  In fact, the only transfer I had during the entire day was when the product was still a little wet.  Thanks to this little thing I'll be wearing liquid liner without fear!

covergirl lash blast super sizer mascara
CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara by LashBlast™ (MSRP: $6.35, but prices will vary)
covergirl lash blast super sizer mascara
Click picture to enlarge
This is available in waterproof(1 shade available) or non-waterproof(3 shades available).  I received this in the non-waterproof, shade 800 Very Black.  As you can see above, the "brush/wand" is very different.  You start with placing the flat side at the base of your lashes and twirl the wand as you go up the lashes to apply and comb through the lashes.  Because of the brush being so small I was able to get ALL of my lashes without making a HUGE mess.  Even my lower lashes looked great after applying this.

I recently switched to using the Clump Crusher mascara by CG and have LOVED it.  This ranks right up there with it for me.  There's no flaking or transfer of product throughout the day.  So I'm not having to wipe black smudges off of my eyes or cover it with concealer at all.  No panda eyes here.  I'll definitely be getting the waterproof version to try once this is gone.

covergirl lash blast super sizer mascara intensify me eyeliner
 Here you can see how thick or thin the liner will go as well as a smudge of the mascara.  It may look flaky, but it's not.  I didn't overload my lower lashes, but it definitely makes them look super natural.  I decided to go for a big wing and loved it.  In fact, when my neighbor saw it, she LOVED it.

So what are your favorite CoverGirl Products?  Have you tried these yet?

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