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Innersense Organic Beauty

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Hey y'all!  Today I have this amazing organic haircare line to tell y'all about.  Before I get into that, I need to thank my stylist friend Beth Johnson (@sugarcoatedbeth on Instagram) and her co-worker Robin Sjoblom (@robinsjoblom on Instagram), both of Fuzion Hair Studio in Smyrna, GA, for the opportunity to review these products.  I'll have more detailed information for both of them later on in this post, so lets get right to it.

innersense organic beauty curly hair review
I also want to mention they've had great results using this line on both straight and curly haired clients.  Beth sent me a list of detailed instructions (she also said to start with a small amount first before adding more if needed) and Robin sent me products to go from start to finish. 

innersense organic beauty curly hair review
What I received:

I took pics throughout the process and had the kiddo help take some of them.  As always, you can click to enlarge.

innersense organic beauty curly hairinnersense organic beauty curly hair review
 In the before pic, this is my hair about 4 days after washing previously.  For curly styling, shampoo twice, mainly concentrating on massaging the scalp before rinsing.  To condition, start with an amount a little larger than a quarter and work it through the hair starting all over.  Then use your fingers to work it through each section, adding more conditioner and warm water as needed.

After rinsing the conditioner out, before you get out of the shower and while your hair is still completely saturated (don't wring the water out), flip your head over and use your fingers to rake through any tangles.  Use about a quarter sized amount of the Curl Control and rake through your hair before scrunching up with your hands.  If your hair is still saturated, you should hear a squishy sound while scrunching.  Then take a quarter sized amount, or more, or the  I Create Hold gel in your hands...rub them together and glide it over the front and back, then sides of the hair making sure NOT to rake through before scrunching again.

At this point, you can use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to scrunch/squeeze any remaining water out of your hair before letting it air dry or using the diffuser on your hair dryer.  The picture above shows these steps after completion.  I chose to let my hair air dry.  If you wish, you can use clips at the roots while drying for added volume.

innersense organic beauty curly hair review
Once your hair is completely dry, this took me a few hours, grab a pea sized amount of the Finishing Polish and rub it between your palms/fingers before scrunching it onto your hair while your head(hair) is flipped over.  You can shake at the roots to give your style a little volume as well.  While you're still flipped, use a few sprays of the I Create Finish.  Then flip back over and rearrange the curls to your liking.

The picture above is after said steps above, but I didn't shake much at the roots or separate the curls at all.  It turned out rather nice and I had to keep reminding myself NOT to play with my springy curls.  I went to sleep a few hours later and woke up the next morning not having to do much with my hair at all.

innersense organic beauty curly hair review
I just flipped my head over, applied a little more of the finishing polish and hairspray and went with it.  This is honestly the BEST 2nd day curl I've ever had.  No dryness, no crunch, no frizz.  It looked healthy and held all day long.  I think I even went 4 days (with the help of a little dry shampoo on day 3 and 4) before having to wash my hair due to product buildup and flatness.  You'd think that with all that product it would weigh the hair down, but it does the exact opposite.

I've always had issues trying to make my naturally curly hair look good and feel natural, but this does it.  It even smells great.  Everything, except for the finishing polish, smells citrusy(like tangerines).  The polish smells almost like cocoa butter, though that's not an ingredient.

If you're in the Atlanta, GA area, I'd highly suggest getting in touch with either of these ladies.

Beth Johnson: 770-895-3143  Instagram * Facebook
Robin Sjoblom: 770-490-6485 Instagram * Facebook * Website(coming soon)

If you're not, you can find a salon near you that uses Innersense by using their Salon Locator

To say I love these products, and the results, is a HUGE understatement.  They're free of harsh chemicals & are organic.  They're even Leaping Bunny approved!

innersense organic beauty curly hair review

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