Saturday, April 4, 2015

Recent Empties

Hey y'all!  I know it's been a while since I've done an empties post.  In fact, there hasn't been one for the past 3 months.  Today I'm fixing that....and there's a good amount of stuff, so keep reading

I've been really good about making sure I finish things and keeping stuff together.  Though, for some reason I feel like I'm missing a few things.  That being said, at least I've been staying on top of finishing products off.

empties review products

Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner - Thankfully more and more drugstore cleansing conditioners are coming out in the market.  I've been in LOVE with WEN for ages & wanted to give this more affordable option a try.  It's not an absolute dupe, but it's pretty good for the money.  It's sulfate free, which is what you want for curly and color treated hair, and also has a minty scent with a slight bit of rosemary.  I'd probably repurchase, though I do have to occasionally use shampoo to remove product buildup.  I think I may try their new(or at least I'm just seeing it on Amazon) Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner

Bath & Body Works Candles - The 3-wick candles I purchased about a year ago, maybe less, and the smaller one was a gift from a few years ago.  I finally burned these off as much as I could.  Espresso Bar was kinda blah at first, but after a while the scent seemed to get better.  It smells almost like sitting in a coffee shop, which is one of my favorite smells.  Villa Bergamot is kind of similar to the Black Pepper Bergamot I purchased in the past, all manly and strong.  I love the smell, but after a while it gets a little overwhelming and my sinuses hate me for it.  Merry Cookie is one of my FAVORITE holiday scents that BBW puts out.  It's sugar cookie heaven.  Out of the 3, it's the only one I'd purchase over & over again.  As usual, with these, I'll clean them out and find a use around the house for the jars.  Maybe even find some sort of pinterest crafty project for them.

Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over! - You may have seen my recent review of this product, if not you can see it HERE.  I'm currently on my second tub of it.  It has become my most favorite moisturizer for my super oily skin, especially for daytime.  It's super light and doesn't make me feel or look greasy at all.

em Michelle Phan Waterliner - The shade I have is Royal Amethyst.  I received this in an Ipsy bag, before I cancelled the service(after receiving things with horrid chemical smells that triggered migraines).  It's a beautiful purple shade, but it didn't seem to last too long on my waterline.  I just swatched it again on my hand & it's not budging.  Sadly, the product inside(it twists up) broke off with an inch left and fell right out so it's totally unusable now and is going in the trash.

ELF Eyelash Curler - I've had this little $3 sucker for ages, though I bought it during a 50% off sale.  I recently went to use it and the pad was missing.  I found the pad and it wouldn't stick back on.  So rather than purchase replacement pads I'm just going to go get a new curler.  It's not perfect, but it's not bad for the price.

Cargo Lash Activator Mascara - I don't remember when I got this sample, but I've only used it a few times.  I can't attest to how well it works because I honestly don't remember.  I was recently going through my mascaras, to see if they were still in good shape, and this wasn't.

Secret Outlast Clear Gel - Clinical strength is what works the best for me, but it's SO darn pricy.  I bought a few different ranges within the Secret line and this worked pretty well.  The solids are better, IMO, but this wasn't too shabby.  I would probably repurchase.  Oh, and the powder scent wasn't too much.

ELF Mineral Face Primer - I'm almost afraid to admit how long I've had this(probably about as long as the curler).  I stopped using this shortly after first trying it out because the silicone texture/feel to it seemed to do nothing to help keep my makeup on.  Since actually using foundations for my skin type, rather than whatever I wanted to use, it worked out pretty well.  I don't know that I'd repurchase it, but it's not too bad.  I just prefer other drugstore options for my skin type.

Bath & Body Works Butterfly Flower Shower Gel -This is my favorite scent as of the past few years.  This is the last bottle I have with the old formulation, the newer ones have shea & other good stuff.  It's nice and floral without being too much.  I actually need to get some more soon.

Better Homes And Gardens Wax Cubes - These are available at WalMart & I LOVE them.  The scent I finished up is Warm Apple Cider.  It's perfect for the fall and I was so obsessed that I used only this for months.  I love getting these because they're around $2 and you can pick from a HUGE variety of scents.  I actually have a drawer with a TON of these in it.  I hope they still have this around later in the fall.

Vaseline Spray & Go Total Moisture - This is the 2nd(out of the 3 pack) canister that I've finished up.  I like the product, and the concept, but more for the summer months.  I feel like it's too light to use during the winter when my body is SUPER dry, but I wanted to finish this up.  I hate having to even use lotion, but this made it super easy to apply.  Once I finish the last bottle I don't know that I'd get it again.  Mostly because I have a ton of other products that need to be finished off first, but because I want to try some of the other spray lotions on the market. 

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Spray - This is probably THE oldest product that I've had laying around.  I loved it at first but once I moved on from using JUST Ojon products this kinda got pushed to the back.  So, because it's so old I really can't say how well it works, but I did get to finish it up.  I do like Ojon products though.  :D

So, that's it.  I've got a few other things that are close to being empty & can't wait to finish them off.  I'll try to get back to the monthly posts, but I don't want to say it'll be absolute. 

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  1. You finished a lot of stuff! Nice mini reviews on everything. I've tried the Vaseline Spray and Go and quite like it for the summer time.


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