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Finger Paints Treatments

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Hey y'all!  Today I have a few new treatment products from Finger Paints to tell ya about.  These were out in stores last month and I've given some of them a good test.  I've not been able to test two of them yet, but I'll tell you more about that when I get to them.

finger paints nail treatments sally beauty supply

As you can see, there are 5 products.  Each have a different purpose, but can be used together(or individually) to help your at-home manicure look great and last longer. 

finger paints nail treatments sally beauty supply
This includes 3 different base coats, a strengthener(which could be a base coat), and a top coat.  So, keep reading for info, thoughts, and pics of a few in action.

finger paints nail treatments sally beauty supply gel like base coat
Gel-Like Base Coat - Smooth and fortify nails with just a stroke of a brush.  Helps hide imperfections of the nail while creating superior adhesion, gripping nail color for lasting wear.  This could be used alone, but I used it over top of the nail strengthener.  It is as the name says, gel-like, but not too thick.  

finger paints nail treatments sally beauty supplyhard as steel strengthener
Hard As Steel Strengthener - Nourish nails while strengthening and fortifying.  Helps to condition and harden nails to help prevent nails from splitting and breaking.  This is slightly pink tinted, so using along will make your nails look like "your nails but better".  I haven't used this for more than a week, so I can't attest to how well it works just yet.  However I will be sure to post an update once I have one.

finger paints nail treatments sally beauty supply grab it base coat
Grab It! Base Coat - Smooth and fortify nails while hiding imperfections.  Specially formulated to anchor nail color and prolong the wear of your manicure.  Sometimes sticky base coats are hard to find.  There's really not that many of them, and some are pricy.  I haven't used this just yet, but plan to soon.  If you have a problem with chipping or LOVE to wear holographic nail polishes, this is what you need.  I always, always, always, wear a sticky base coat under holo's.  Think of it as a sticky base for your eyes holding the glitter/shimmer on.  

finger paints nail treatments sally beauty supply gel like top coat
Gel-Like Top Coat - Recreate the look of a gel manicure and lock in long-lasting color.  Specially formulated to create the look of a gel manicure, but is easy to remove with just nail polish remover.  This I LOVE.  I have a similar product(also available at Sally Beauty) but sometimes there's none of them in stock when I'm looking around the store.  If you're a glitter fanatic, or just like the look of having gel nails, you definitely need this.  This adds a little thickness and smooths out bumpy, crazy, thick glitters so your nail isn't all funky texturized looking.  It's not fast drying, so you'll still need to use a quick dry top coat over it, but be sure to give it a few minutes before doing so.  

finger paints nail treatments sally beauty supply smooth over ridge filler
Smooth Over Ridge Filler - Create the look of smooth, manicured nails without buffing.  This formula blurs imperfections for a perfect blank canvas and optimal color application.  Worn alone, this satin finish, neutral colored base coat leaves nails looking perfectly natural.  This is another one that I've not tried yet.  Just before receiving this I gave myself a manicure and actually buffed away the ridges on my nails, so I can't actually test it without those.  Once they come back and I actually give this a trial I'll be sure to update.  That being said, this is the most affordable option that I've seen to help combat those unsightly imperfections.  Most metallic's and some holo's will definitely need this under them as those finishes seem to show every blemish on nails.  

lauren b beauty
You might have seen THIS post recently.  In this, I used 3 out of the 5 treatments.  I started out with the Hard As Steel Strengthener, then added the Gel-Like Base Coat.  Once that was dry I applied my 2 coats of color and one coat of glitter before adding the Gel-Like Top Coat and a quick try top coat over that.  

With each layer of product I made sure to wrap the tips of the nail to help prolong the wear.  It did look like I had paid to get my nails done and wasn't overly thick either.  Which you'd think would be really bad after 7 layers.  It even held up rather well.  Below is a picture I took of my dominant hand 8 days after application.  

Please excuse my Star Wars Band Aid
As you can see, I had very minimal tip wear/chipping.  My non-dominant hand looked as perfect as the day I applied it.  

These retail for $5.99 (or $5.49 if you're a Sally Beauty Club Card holder) and are available in stores or online at Sally Beauty Supply. 

Have you tried these yet?  Which do you like?  What types of treatments would you like to see from Finger Paints?

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  1. They look and sound so nice. I've never heard or tried them yet but I kind of want to now.


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