Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Exposed Skincare - 60 Days To Clearer Skin

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Hey y'all!  Today I'm here to share some info on a skincare line that I've been trying out for a few weeks.  The brand is Exposed Skincare and we're just going to start with what it is first.

exposed skincare

The Exposed acne treatment is the first full spectrum system that not only treats, but prevents acne in ways never thought imaginable. This system is designed to unclog blocked pores, kill acne causing bacteria and help your skin normalize oil production. As well as aid in the healing of skin and reduce redness.  

Included in my box (which is the Basic Kit) was the Clearing Tonic, Acne Treatment Serum, Clear Pore Serum, and Facial Cleanser along with an exfoliating Derm-X cloth.  Everything was safety sealed to prevent product leakage in transit.  

Here's what my face looks like before I started the treatment....
Sorry for the yellow lighting.
I have extremely oily skin with random breakouts, super large pores, and blackheads.  I don't think the photo above shows how large the pores are and actually my acne spots blend in with my freckles.  I'll make sure to get better lighting with updates.

Morning Routine:
  • Facial Cleanser - Contains Salicylic Acid to clear pores, Pro-Vitamin B5 to regulate oil production, and Sage Extract to detoxify skin.  This is super gentle, but shouldn't be used near the eyes.
  • Clearing Tonic - Contains Salicylic Acid to clear pores, Green Tea Extract to heal & protect skin, Passion Flower to reduce inflammation, and Azelaic Acid to normalize cell turnover.  They suggest using your bare hands to spread a small amount over your face, avoiding the eye area.  With my first use of this I found that was next to impossible due to packaging.  I tried to pour a small amount, but product flew all over my counter and I had to grab a cotton pad.  I'm actually thinking of moving this into a spray bottle as I prefer to apply my toner that way.
  • Acne Treatment Serum - Contains Benzoyl Peroxide to kill acne bacteria, Green Tea Extract to heal & protect skin, and Tea Tree Oil to promote healing.  This is a gel formula that also needs to avoid the eye area.  This gets applied while the skin is still slightly damp from the Clearing Tonic and needs to completely dry before applying anything else.  
  • From there you can continue on with your day.
Evening Routine:
  •  Facial Cleanser
  • Clearing Tonic
  • Clear Pore Serum - Contains Salicylic Acid to clear pores, Green Tea Extract to heal & protect skin, and Licorice Root to reduce inflammation.  This is also gel like, but appears more white than clear like the Acne Treatment Serum.  It does have a slight, almost lettuce like, scent but it does go away once it dries down in about 3-5 minutes.  

They also tell you to be patient, there is a 2 week adjustment period where some flare up may occur before healing begins.  You'll start to see noticeable Improvements in 6-8 weeks.   Other things that help are drinking plenty of water, avoiding sugar & dairy, washing as soon as possible after sweating, changing your pillow case every 2 days, and STOP touching your face.  That last one is my worst issue.

More info on the Basic Kit can be found HERE

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