Friday, March 27, 2015

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture - House Of Blues & One Night In WeHo

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Hey y'all!  Today I have 2 lovely polishes from Lauren B. Beauty to show off.  I'll have more info on these later in the post.  While these two are more fall/winter shades, I've been rocking them for the past week on my shorter nails and LOVING them. So, lets get to it...

lauren b beauty one night in weho house of blues
Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture is a collection of everything you need for a salon quality, do-it yourself manicure that lasts for 2 weeks without chipping of fading. These on-trend colors inspired by the city of Los Angeles. All of the formulas are eco-and vegan-friendly, contain no harsh chemicals, and are proudly crafted right in the U.S. These polishes stay true to the pigment that you see in the bottle and require just one coat! From base to color to topcoat, the groundbreaking treatment system is good for your nails and highly functional and fashionable for the modern woman.

lauren b beauty house of blues swatch

lauren b beauty house of blues swatch
House of Blues - 2 coats - This is a deep midnight blue that almost looks black.  It has a subtle metallic shimmer that helps with that.  In fact, the swatch on the website does look black, but once the light hits it just right you can see the blue. 

lauren b beauty house of blues one night in weho

lauren b beauty house of blues one night in weho
One Night In WeHo -  1 coat over ring finger, gradient over rest - This is a multi-colored glitter topper.  The base is clear and packed with purple, blue, turquoise, and silver glitters.  The glitter sizes are pretty standard, but there are a few larger ones.  They just happened to not make an appearance until I was doing my right hand.

lauren b beauty house of blues one night in weho
Of course I had to take an outdoor shot with my cell phone so you could see what it looks like outside.  Also, this was 3 days later.  While I don't have the treatments from this line, I did use something I'll have a review on soon & I think it's helped keep this looking fresh even a week later. 

I love the bottle shape on these.  They're thin rectangles with smaller square tops/handles.  The top/handle will also slide off so that you can either make sure it stays flush with the bottle(and not wonky) or use the round handle if that's what you prefer.  

Be sure to check out the website for pricing and follow the social media channels below for more information/updates.

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  1. Both are nice but that glitter is just calling to me.


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