Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sinful Colors - Flirt With Hearts

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Hey y'all!  Today I have part of the Valentines collection from Sinful Colors to share with y'all.  I'll just get right to it.

sinful colors flirt with hearts

There are 8 total shades available, I have 4 of those to show you today.

sinful colors flirt with hearts 24/7

sinful colors flirt with hearts 24/7
 24/7 - This is a super bright hot pink cream.  I used 2 coats.

sinful colors flirt with hearts 24/7 decadent

Decadent - 1 coat over 27/7.  They say this is a "dazzling red with metallic flakes." This is definitely a glitter topper with a clear base.  The glitters appear more pink/berry toned & is packed with tiny dots and small hex shapes.  

sinful colors flirt with hearts pinky glitter

Pinky Glitter - I needed 3 coats for the opacity shown on this beauty.  It's like a bright basic pink jelly base packed with pink opal glitters.  Some of those glitters do appear holo, but I think the base dulls that down a little.  It's still gorgeous though.  

sinful colors flirt with hearts rise & shine

sinful colors flirt with hearts rise & shine
Rise & Shine - This beauty went on in 2 coats.  It's a teal cream with a very subtle silver shimmer.  It's not a typical color that you think of for the occasion, but would look awesome any time of the year and used in some nail art designs.

I had zero application problems with these & everything I've tried from the line has been great.  If you're a glitter fan be sure to check out the limited edition shade named Love Sprinkles.  It has heart shaped glitters.  

What are your plans for Valentines Day?  I'll be participating in a fundraiser for the kiddo that morning, so that's probably it.

$1.99 each at Walgreens, Rite Aid and other mass retailers in February 2015

Be sure to follow Sinful Colors on their social media outlets for more info and updates.

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