Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Empties

Hey y'all!  Is it October already?  I can't believe it.  The weather is getting cooler and I'm LOVING it right now.  Fall is absolutely my favorite season. 

I didn't really finish much this past month(again), but I did start getting back into the swing of things as far as blogging is concerned.  I've also started making myself use moisturizer and eye cream on my face daily. Well, there were a few things that were tossed without my knowledge because I do remember the kiddo finishing some stuff up.

Equate Mouthwash - This is the store brand at Wal-Mart.  Y'all know how this is used, but I also use it for my foot soaks.  I generally get the larger bottle because of how often we go through it. 

Better Homes Vanilla Sugar Cookie Wax Cubes - I pick these up at WalMart for around $2.  They have a HUGE variety of scents and I find they last WAY longer than buying an expensive candle.  I love the candles, but I can use my electric tart burner without having to worry about an open flame & get the same results.  I have about a dozen different scents because they do last so long & I can't finish them before the season is over.  I think these were actually from last winter.  I want to get a few more warmers to sit around the house.

Bath & Body Works Exotic Coconut Shower Gel - I was lucky enough to get this a few years ago during a semi-annual clearance sale.  Sadly, this is my favorite scent and it's rare that they bring it back for anything. 

Bath & Body Works I Love Cookie Dough PocketBac - This was just "meh" as far as the scent is concerned.  As usual, I get these when they're 5 for $5 so that I can have them scattered throughout the house and in my purse.  I actually need to grab a few out of my stash to toss in my car. 

Softlips in Jack Frosting - I think is the 2nd one of these that I've finished up & that includes EVER in my life time.  Sadly, I only have a few left.  The scent of this is like a sugar cookie & so yummy.

Ion hair color in Jet Black 1V-1.2  - I honestly only used this just to get it out from under my sink.  I picked it up a while back to do something different with my hair which didn't turn out how I'd planned.  Thankfully this time, when I mixed it with a red, it turned out pretty nice.  I don't know that I'd pick it up again though.  I do like the Ion brand though & repurchase it all the time.

All of this being said, it still makes me feel good to see myself actually stick with something, even if I don't like it, and finish it up. 

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