Monday, September 22, 2014

Garth Brooks #GarthLanta Mani

Hey y'all!  I'm going to warn you now, all the pics I have are from my phone.  My DSLR was a little bulky to take with me and I forgot to take pics of my nails before I went.  That being said, this past weekend was extremely exciting.  Friday night I went to see Garth Brooks in Atlanta with my neighbor aka "Ma".   Garth has been one of my fav's since he came out.  I've gone to see him every time he has come to Atlanta, and once in Nashville in 2010.  So, when he announced he was coming back I HAD to get tickets. 

The morning they went on sale, I had 4-5 devices ready even before they released the tickets.  As soon as 10am hit, it was like Ticketmaster crashed.  I had ALL of them waiting for best available tickets.  Wait times were crazy and I couldn't refresh or I'd lose my spot in line.  When they finally popped up, all it gave me was nosebleed.  I wasn't satisfied & hoped that as with Nashville(in 2010) and Chicago(where he opened this tour), that he would add more shows.  I kept trying & trying.  I don't even know how long I waited, but I finally saw a 10:30 show added for Friday & went at it.  The first result I got were good seats, but far from the stage.  Another device loaded with seats JUST behind the stage & I jumped on them.

We went out for dinner before & right before we left the restaurant, a friend who was going to the same show sent me a text that the 6:30 show was JUST letting 9:30.  We drive across Atlanta & were stuck in traffic.  Thankfully we had someone driving us because we just got out of the truck & walked the 2-3 blocks to get to the arena.  One block up and we understood WHY traffic wasn't moving.  There were CROWDS of people leaving and HUGE lines of people waiting to get into the next show.  Long story short, we waited in line for 45 minutes before we even got IN to the arena...the show didn't even start until 11:30.

 So while we waited, I snapped a pic of my nails and my beer. 

This came up on the screen as the show opened.  Thankfully I had my phone up to snap a pic. 

I did zoom in a little, and the spotlight washed him out, but OMG the seats were great.  We were only 5 rows up.  He always performs all over the stage and the jumbotron was easy to see too.

I did my nails the night before and was up until around 3 am, so please ignore the gap between the polish and my cuticles.  My inspiration was album covers.  As soon as I looked at the covers for In Pieces and Ropin' The Wind, I knew I had to try to recreate it.  However, finding the right blue was a pain.  If you saw my pic on Instagram, you'll know my pain.

The colors I went with were China Glaze Sky High-Top, Zoya America, and Wet N Wild Black Creme.  I used striping tape to help put stripes of black over the blue, then freehanded the squares over the red.  The most annoying part was waiting on the base color to dry so I could use the tape without messing it all up.  My thumb matches the accent nail, but I didn't get it in any picture.

If you're going to any of his remaining shows in Atlanta or any of his additional he adds're in for a treat.  It was an amazing night.  We sang Happy Birthday to Trisha, since it was her birthday.  She received some gifts from the local pro teams since she's a Georgia girl.  She had us doing the Tomahawk Chop and the Georgia Bulldog cheer.  Garth was amazed that not only was it a sing-a-long & we knew the words to all the songs, but there was like NEVER any silence. 

He did TONS of songs, 2 encores, and even sang a George Strait song.  I think we finally got out around 2, maybe 2:30.  By the time I got home at 3:15am, I was still so wired that I didn't get to sleep until after 4. I know a few Atlanta Bloggers, and MABB members went to shows this weekend too. 

I hope if any of you are HUGE fans like I am that he announces dates in your cities because it's definitely a bucket list concert if you've never seen him live.  I can't wait for his new album to come out just before my birthday!


  1. Love the nails you sported! Looked like a lot of fun too.

  2. Wow, that is a crazy insane concert experience, but your seats were AMAZING!


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