Friday, September 5, 2014

August Empties & Trash

Hey y'all!  It's that time again.  I know I'm kinda late, and I haven't really been posting much lately....but as usual I've been busy with personal stuff and have been feeling "meh" a LOT lately.

As you'll notice I added "trash" into the title of this post.  I've been randomly going through some of my make-up and getting rid of stuff that is either absolutely horrible or old and dried up.  I previously destashed some products, which are perfectly fine but just weren't me...and they're in a bag that I need to find something to do with.  I have some eyeshadow palettes that I'm thinking of selling as they don't get the love they need, but I'm trying to figure out where to do that.

I technically only finished 4 products this month.....

Pantene Natural Hair Defining Curls Styling Custard - After trying and reviewing some products a while back for natural or Ethnic hair and LOVING my results I decided to give it a try on my own naturally curly hair.  I bought this a WHILE ago when my hair started getting closer to my shoulders and I was wearing it curly more often than not.  This has the feel of a lightweight curling cream.  The smell is similar to that of the one you associate with Pantene products.  I liked this, BUT if I used too much I noticed that my hair got that crunchy feel to it.  I would run a small amount through my wet hair and either let it air dry or use a dryer...both pretty much gave the same result.  It smoothed it down a little, but didn't give me a ton of hold.  I would possibly try this again, but I'm not 100% on it.

Got2B Kinkier Curling Mousse - I've had this for a while.  I honestly had to force myself to use it.  I'm 100% in love with the Powder'Ful volumizing powder & decided to give this a try.  I think I picked this up during a sale at one of the drugstores when they had a coupon out, but can't remember.  Anywho...the reason I am not a huge fan of this is because as matter how much or little I use...I end up with crunchy hair with this.  No matter what I do.  I mean, yeah it gives me curls, but it doesn't "gloss".  I think I've found a few products that actually work better for me, so I'm glad to be rid of this.

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner - This is one of those drugstore products that I've used off & on for ages.  I love the tropical Aussie smell and how light this product is.  It also works wonderfully in allowing my brush to glide through my hair.  I will always use this....even though I'm currently using one that I kinda threw together.  Not to mention I always reuse the bottles for stuff around the house. 

HYD for Men Shave Cream - You can see my review on this HERE.  This lasted a long time and I absolutely LOVE the smell of it.  Like a creamsicle.  I'm sad that this has been completely emptied out.  If you're into paying for quality shaving products I highly suggest it. 

I recently went through my Eyeliner stuff and tossed out ones that are either tough to work with or dried up.  The L'Oreal HIP cream eyeliner in black is pretty much dry.  I picked it up at Dollar Tree or something and got a few uses out of it....but honestly I don't really use cream products that much, so it had to go.  There's a few Wet N Wild liners that came with the Holiday palettes they released in 2010 that aren't all that pigmented and kinda drag, so they get tossed.  There's a Milani and a few Essence liquid liners that are starting to dry out and change they're gone too.

So that's all I had for August.  I did just finish something up for this month already & I'm making myself remember to use moisturizer daily so that maybe I can get rid of some of the stuff I have lying around. 

What have you finished up lately that you're loving?

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  1. Nice empties and trash post! I really should go through all my stuff too and toss the ones that I've had a while. Might do try to do that soon.


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