Thursday, July 10, 2014

Win Or Fail Nails - Random Boredom

*Press Sample*

Hey y'all.  So while I was swatching these, I wanted to throw these colors together.  At first I liked it, but as I went to edit the pictures I wasn't as happy with it.  

Either way, I still wanted to show y'all what the end result was.

All of these are from the China Glaze Off Shore collection.  The base is Shore Enuff, the purple is X-Ta-Sea, and the orange is Stoked To Be Soaked.

I think maybe if I'd added something to the triangles that I drew on that MAYBE it would look way better.  *shrug*


  1. I think it looks better in the third image, definitely not a nail fail. I think the colours just needed that brighter setting.<3

  2. I really like that green base color. So pretty. I like these too.


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