Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wet N Wild Black Creme

Hey y'all!  While using this as the base for some nail art, I realized something.  I use Black Creme for a LOT....nail art, stamping, bases for glitter, sometimes even alone and I've NEVER actually swatched it.  So why now?  Because I can. :D

Sure, it's just a black creme and there's TONS of them out there....but are there any for under $1?  It goes on in just one coat AND it's cheap, yeah I think I'll keep it around.  Occasionally you can get it for even less, when drugstores run a sale.

Sometimes you just need to wear black, and this is the one I always go to.  I use it so much...for everything...that I'm actually about 2/3 of the way through a bottle of it.  It's so opaque that you don't need much.

I'll have a comparison post soon using this versus using a stamping polish.  I thought I'd already done it, but turns out I hadn't typed it up yet. :D

What's your "go to" black polish?

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  1. Its a great standard black for a really nice price.


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