Thursday, July 3, 2014

Krigler NYC Manhattan Rose 44

*Press Sample*

This clean, warm and sheer fragrance is impossible to resist. Roses from Beacon and Grasse makes it one of the most romantic fragrances in the world.  Fragrance notes include touches of violet and musk.

 I received this in a sample size and OMG let me tell you this is AMAZING.  It smells like pure roses and lasts ALL DAY LONG.  A little goes a long way with this.  Which is good because the price is $205 1.7 oz. or $305 3.4 oz.  Don't worry about that pricetag, because you can also purchase this in a sample size.

It's not strong or overpowering like most floral scents, but you do know it's there.  

I would go nuts for the Gardenia or Mediterranean Peach perfumes.  Especially if they're as amazing and pure as this one.  

Available:, or at the Krigler Boutique at The Plaza Hotel in New York City


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