Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Empties

Hey y'all.  It's hard to believe that we're already halfway through 2014 isn't it?  Today I have my empties from the past month....which again isn't really much.  There were a few things I thought I'd finish up, but just didn't quite make it.  So they'll be up next month.

Jordana Fabu Liner Liquid Eye Liner - This is in 01 Black.  I picked this up a few months ago, tested it out once I got home, then put it up.  I just went to use it about a week or so ago and while it still has plenty of liquid...it just wasn't that great.  It's got a felt tip, and applied wonderfully the first time.  This time I used, as usual, the very tip and it was splotchy....it looked like I put black ink down then rubbed my finger to clean it up.  I couldn't do a thin line....but if I layed it down with most of the tip it would do a perfectly opaque thick black line.  Thick lines aren't great for my lids, so I'm tossing this.  I have another that I'll probably toss into my pile of stuff to give a friend. 

Paddle/Point Applicators - These are those q-tips that are pointed on one end and flat/round on the other.  A LOT of people recommend them for polish clean up, but I found they didn't really work that well for me.  I actually bought these a few years ago at Big Lots and grabbed several containers since they were, as you can see, so cheap.  I actually just ended up using these for cleaning up goofs of mascara or whatever around my eyes.  I broke the case when opening so I can't refill it....but it's working great as a palette for nail polish or acrylic paint.  I think I have a few packs left, need to find them, but I don't think I'd repurchase.

Suave Professionals Deep Conditioning Shine Mask - I can't remember if this was a gift or something from a giveaway, but it took me a while to use this up.  It has moroccan oil, which is supposed to be great for the hair, but I think this was turning my hair brassy.  I think this would work great for those of you with darker colored hair.  I did like how my hair felt after, just didn't like it turning orange over time. 

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Body Wash - This was the 2nd body wash by Herbal Essences that I used from the 3pack I got at Christmas.  So far, my favorite.  While I didn't feel that this was "hydrating" at all, I absolutely LOVED the smell.  I'm totally obsessed with the smell of coconuts, especially during the summer.  So this was perfect for that.  I don't mind having to make sure I use lotion after showering.  I would definitely repurchase this.

Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Purple - I got this ages ago at Sally's, and let it sit under my sink.  A while back I decided to mix it in with some red.  Liked the results, then I did my hair half red & half black, used this over it, and loved it.  The last time I "colored" my hair, I mixed the last half of this with a different brand of red semi-permanent color and it was a burgundy shade that I loved.  I wish this was a perm shade that you could mix with developer...but it's not too bad.  I didn't lighten my hair prior to using it, so I don't know what type of results it would have over lighter hair. 

I have also been going through my stash of makeup and other beauty products getting rid of old old old stuff.  Some things I kept around because I thought I could force myself to use them.  Like, I had this really old air freshener spray that was baby powder scented.....it was at least 6 years old.  It was time to go.  They just ended up sitting around forever taking up space.  I went through my lip products and tossed out anything that had changed in color and/or smell.  I still have more to go through though and will hopefully be doing that during the next few weeks.


  1. Nice empties you finished for the month of June!

    1. Thank you. It's funny that today I actually finished a product, but I'd already done this post.

  2. I love your empties posts... actually I just posted my first one! http://lindseyrivait.com/lacquer/2014/07/june-2014-empties-nail-care-skin-care-cosmetics/
    Best part... throwing all that away, haha!

    1. Thank you. Yours was great. I love the feeling of actually finishing something up and being able to toss it. I don't feel like it was wasted.


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