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Cocoa Pink Perfumes & Body Stuff

Hey y'all!  Back in June, I did a review of a new product from CocoaPink, you can see that review HERE.  I was instantly hooked.  I'm always afraid of picking out scents from online companies because I can't promise that I'll end up liking it.  I'd even heard rave reviews about this company from LOTS of bloggers and make-up addicts in one of the various Facebook groups that I'm in.  Finally, after I tried the one product I knew I needed more. 

Thankfully, soon after they had a sale on the Dram Perfume Vials.  I had a heck of a time trying to narrow it down to 6(as the sale was 6 for $15) and probably should've gone for 12.  I finally settled on what I wanted and also received a couple of extra sample goodies. 

I'll start with those....

 Soft Bubbles Foaming Sugar Scrub - I have only used this in the shower so far, but I'm absolutely 100% in love with this product.  It's gentle, foamy, and full of moisture.  Every other body scrub product I've tried has either left a film behind or it takes forever to rinse the "scrub" off.  Not with this, no muss, mess, or fuss.  It almost seems to dissolve and melt into the skin leaving behind non-greasy, moisturized, soft skin.  The softness lasts and lasts too.  The scent I received is Ivory Eyelet - Buttercream, lemon curd, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream.  It smells like buttercream frosting at first, but as you massage it onto the skin you can smell the slight hint of lemon. 

Voluptuous Body Butter - Let me just start out by saying that I need this in gallon size and I just want to bathe in it.  Sadly I waited until just the other day to try this out and I'm kicking myself for not using it sooner.  I gave myself a manicure, washed my hands, and applied this.  Most body butters are thick and greasy.  This is slightly thick, but light, and super absorbent.  It didn't take forever to rub into the skin.  The scent I received is A Day At The Beach - White sand castles lace the shoreline, black eyed Susan daisies scatter gingerly among the thin blades of dune grass, hints of expensive warmed tanning oil with lashings of creamy coconut milk flow through gentle breezes and the indulgent aroma of smooth Madagascar vanilla beans complete this absolutely perfect day at the beach.  The scent on this is so perfectly blended that I can't even pin down just one note.  It's appropriately named as well, even my neighbor who has lived near the beach most of her life agrees.  It's not overpowering, but you know it's there.  This is perfect when sitting outside in the breeze and the scent drifts up.  You almost feel like you're at the beach. 

Lastly are the Perfume Dram Vial's.  These are little samplers you can choose and decide what fragrances you love.  I like that they're not too small and you can get oil or alcohol based and try them out before purchasing the larger size.  I went with the oil based, on the recommendation of others, so they'll last longer.  Let me tell you....I am kicking myself for not ordering more. 

Now here's a list of what I got:

Tropic Nights - Night blooming water lily, sweet pink grapefruit accented with yellow Hawaiian frangipani blossoms wrapped gently in sweet sandalwood and white amber oils.  This was the scent of the hair mist that I reviewed and I knew I'd loved it.  It's beautiful, tropical, and just so yummy.  It's a floral tropical scent and not the fruity most would imagine. 

April Sun Showers - Purple Adonis Tulips, prickly pear cactus, morning dew, ripe kiwifruit, white peach extract swimming in steeped matcha tea.  This is another one that is blended perfectly.  You can't pin down just one note.  It's clean and slightly floral with a tiny hint of fruit.

Heavenly Basbousa - Almond cake, creamy condensed milk, whipped cream, vanilla extract, strawberry syrup, whispers of sugared lemon and rosewater made with velvety crimson rose petals.  I just want to eat this one.  It's heavenly baked goodness.  I've never actually tried this dessert, but if it's as good as this smells....I need one like NOW. 

Summer Clothesline - Sweet virgin mountain spring water, sun dried clean white cotton towels soaking up the first drops of cool refreshing summer rain.  Lovely, light, clean, and soapy goodness. 

Yellow Flip Flops - Creamy banana pudding infused with vanilla extract then blended with ripe banana slices, vanilla wafers, with an extra shot of cold whipped cream.  I want to eat this one too.  It's not heavy or fake.  It smells just like banana pudding....thank goodness I have some banana pudding cups in the fridge and some vanilla wafers in the cabinet because I might just have to have that for dessert later.

Chardonnay Slushie - Peach nectar swirled with cream blended together with finely chopped ice, granny smith apple, sweetened iced tea, aged chardonnay wine.  I'm not a big wine person, but the fruit and tea are like my favorite things.  It doesn't smell like tea, but rather everything goes together for fruity yummy goodness.

I really want everything.  These are above and beyond every thing I love about bath and body products.  I just want to swim in all of these.  Absolutely perfect blending, pure scent, and they're not overwhelming and fake. 

Also, some of these are from the spring and summer scent lists.  She rotates them out and I find that absolutely awesome.  I know I will continue to purchase from Cocoa Pink and can't wait until fall.

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  1. These look and sound very nice! I don't use a lot of body products myself but I still really liked this review.


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