Monday, June 16, 2014

Zoya Summer 2014 Magical Pixie Dust

*Press Sample*

Hey y'all!  I've had these for a couple of weeks & I'm just getting a chance to swatch them.  Life happened & blogging got pushed to the side. 

For Spring Zoya started releasing their "magical" pixie dust polishes.  They're basically just like the standard textured pixie dusts, but with holographic hexagonal glitters added.  It's like a 2-in-1.  

Zoya Bar - Can be best described as a glittery nude topaz.  To me, this looked like I put glue on my nails & dipped them in a mixture of beachy sand and glitter.  I can see this being a work safe neutral with a little bit of added pizzazz.

Ginni - Can be best described as a glittery pink tourmaline.  This looks more like a dusty pink and much lighter than tourmaline to me, but I like it.

Arlo - Can be best described as a glittering violet amethyst.  It makes me think of the color of grape children's medicine.  

All of these needed 3 thin coats, probably would've been less coats if I'd gone a tad thicker with them.  They also screamed for a top coat.  Normally I don't use top coat for textured polishes, but for some reason with these all of the textured parts dried and looked like the color will be different if top coat isn't used.  

I would suggest using a coat of Gelous top coat before your normal top coat or just using a few coats of your thick quick dry top coat.  

These are now currently available on for $10ea. or $30 for the entire sampler set.


  1. I love the color "ginni" - this light rosé looks great! greetings, steffi

  2. I really like these. There so chunky and sparkly.


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