Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CocoaPink Ends w/ Argan Benefits - Hair & Body Fragrance Mist

*Sample sent for review*

Hey y'all!  I know a lot of bloggers who are into indie everything, especially cruelty free.  One of the companies I've consistently seen them rave about is CocoaPink.  So, when CocoaPink asked on their Facebook page for people to sample their new product I jumped at the opportunity.  Not only is it an indie but they're located not too far from me.  

What I was sent is the Ends with Argan Benefits Hair & Body Fragrance Mist in the Tropic Nights scent.   

The first time I used this, I sprayed a little on the ends of my hair after showering, and towel drying....and used no other product.  I just allowed my naturally curly hair to air dry.  Shortly after, I went into the HUMID heat, did some grocery shopping, and came home.  My hair wasn't nearly as frizzy as it would have been had I not used this and used something else instead.  The next day, my hair STILL smelled like Tropic Nights....even after being around smoke.  

The next time I used it, I applied it then used a little bit of curling creme before allowing my hair to air dry.  Zero frizz, and even after using the curling creme(which has a light scent) I could still smell this product.  2 days later, I could still smell it, over EVERYTHING else.  

It's light, moisturizing, alcohol free, parabin free, cruelty free, wheat free, vegan, and smells amazing.  What's not to love?  You can see the ingredients listed below.

Now about the scent.  I told y'all this stuff lasts for days...and it does.  They have a LONG scent list, which makes me want to drive over and smell ALL THE THINGS!  So, there's a scent for everyone.

Tropic Nights is what I got, and the website describes it as...Night blooming water lily, sweet pink grapefruit accented with yellow Hawaiian frangipani blossoms wrapped gently in sweet sandalwood and white amber oils.   Honestly, it's freaking amazing.  I used it this morning and the kid told me it smelled like cookies.  It's light and floral, and just plain yummy.  

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