Friday, May 9, 2014

Zoya Bubbly - Summer 2014 Collection Reviews & Swatches

*Press Sample*

Hey y'all!  Yesterday I had the Tickled collection to share.  Today it's the other half of their summer releases, the Bubbly collection. They kinda change with the lighting & are UBER sparkly in the sun.

These all applied great in just 2 coats, plus a top coat.

Alma - Can be best described as a warm golden peach metallic featuring the exclusive liquid-metal holographic jelly formula.  I'm not sure I see peach on this, it's more yellow-gold to me.  In the sun, it looks like a golden copper.  I was definitely surprised that I liked this one.  

Binx - Can be best described as a spicy orchid purple dappled with gold metallic and holo sparkles.  That's pretty much exactly what I wrote down, well minus the spicy and dappled parts.  I love how the holo sparkles look almost opalescent in these.

Harper - Can be best described as a cotton candy pink with a spun gold shimmer.  It's a mix between cotton candy and bubblegum pink to me.  Gorgeous shade of pink, no matter what you want to call it.

Jesy - Can be best described as a full coverage, fiery coral orange metallic.  Again, pretty much spot on for the description I wrote.  I can't believe how much I'm loving oranges lately.

Muse - Can be best described as a blue raspberry holographic fizz with a subtle vein of gold.  This looks like the sparkly bottom of a pool.  GORGEOUS!

Staasi - Can be best described as a brilliant citron green with a gold metallic glaze and holographic finish.  Again, pretty much word for word what I wrote in my notes for this.

I have to admit that I was unsure of these when I saw the press release, but I'm absolutely LOVING them all.  Yes, all of them.  I was afraid they'd be bumpy and annoying, but they lie perfectly flat under Seche Vite.

There were a couple, mostly Jesy and Staasi, that were still sheer after 2 coats and probably could've used 3.  These look even better when you apply one coat over a matching shade from the Tickled collection.  Do you need them all?  I say YES.  

Be sure to check back next week as I have some more posts with these 2 scheduled.

These are now currently available on for $9ea. or $54 for the entire sampler set.

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  1. I really like this collection. The finishes on these shades are gorgeous!


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