Monday, May 12, 2014

Gradients with the Zoya Bubbly Collection

*Press Sample*

Hey y'all.  So while I was working on another post, I discovered that the Bubbly collection plays rather nicely together.  I decided to give it a go to show y'all how they can be used to create something totally different.

Want to know how I did it?  Keep reading.

Harper & Binx

Alma & Jesy

Staasi & Muse

So how did I do this?  For each I used the first shade as the base, 2 coats.  Then taking the second shade, I brushed 1 coat on about 2/3 of the nail.  Lastly, I applied a second coat of the second shade on 1/3 of the nail at the tips.  

Doing it this way made the transition look pretty smooth without being difficult to do.  Now you see why I said you need all of these.

These are now currently available on for $9ea. or $54 for the entire sampler set.

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  1. What nice gradients you created with them! There gorgeous.


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