Sunday, May 4, 2014

BA STAR Midnight Smoky Eyeshadow Palette & Glitter Glue Review

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Hey y'all!  So today I have a review of BA Star's eyeshadow palette in Midnight Smoky and their own Glitter Glue.  Smokey eyes are my default look when I go out.  


BA Star carries 6 different eyeshadow palettes, which contain 5 large sized shadows in each.  They retail for $8.75.  The colors range from smokey, to neutral, to pinks, to blues, to tropicals.  They are SUPER pigmented and sparkly, even though this one does have one matte shade.  

You can use them with or without the glitter glue pictured above, which retails for $8.75.  This gets applied with a doe foot applicator & really grabs ahold of the shadows.  It can also be used with the glitters that they have available.  

Here you can see the 5 shades in this palette swatched over bare skin and the glue base.  When used on bare skin, or a primer these will blend together nicely while coloring beautifully.  Once they're on the glue base, they're going nowhere.  They'll blend together a little on the edge, but they're not budging one bit.  
The black is a matte, while the other 4 are sparkly and shimmery.  I love that the black is matte and the others can be layered over it if desired.  Even better, there's the blue on the end for a pop of color. 
There is an applicator included, but I used my brushes instead.  However, the swatches were applied with my finger so if you absolutely need to, you can apply these with no problem using your fingers. 

I couldn't decide exactly what I wanted to do, so I did two different "looks" with this palette.  Of course there are multiple possibilities with these 5 colors.  For both, I used my fav eyeshadow primer then the glue.

I started out with the 4th shade, black, patted onto the lid.  I took a little of the 2nd shade, silver, on the inner corner and up into the crease a tiny bit.  Then using the 3rd shade, charcoal, I went over the crease blending down a little over the black.  The 1st shade, a silvery white, went onto the browbone.  Lastly, I used the 5th shade, a beautiful sparkly blue, on the lower lash line winging it up a little on the outer edge.

The 5th shade, blue, started this one out on the lid.  The 2nd shade, silver, was used again on the inner corner and up into the crease a little.  The 3rd shade, charcoal, went on the crease and looks a little blue here.  The 1st shade, silvery white, is my highlight again on the browbone. To include the black a little, I used that 4th shade over top of a black liner on the upper lash line and used the charcoal on the lower lash line.  

I was highly impressed with this tiny palette.  Usually colors tend to lose their sparkle a bit when brushed on, but these didn't.  I think that's because of the awesome glue base.  For the price, it's amazing.  Each of the pans are 1"w x 3/4"h, so that's a pretty big size IMO.  If you love sparkly eyes, like I do, you need at least one of these palettes.


  1. Some pretty shades to make such an intense smokey eye.

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