Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Turdminator - Product Review

Hey y'all!  Just a little warning that I'm about to talk about something personal & what some may be offended by, so if you don't want to read go ahead & exit out.  We all do it, but I don't have any issue talking about it. 

For those of you sticking around, I hope you laugh as much as I do about this product.

Let me start by saying I have serious stomach issues.  I won't go into too much detail, but I pretty much have to know where every public restroom is when I go out.  If I'm driving somewhere, I take the route that has access to restrooms instead of one that doesn't. If you have to go in public, or even in yours or a friends home, you don't want the scent to linger.  Air freshener just doesn't cut it, it only masks it.

I'm sure you've all seen the spray in certain bookstores or on QVC and had a laugh.  I've wanted to try it forever, but decided to go the Etsy route instead. It was then that I came upon Butt Nekkid Bath Botique.  I've been using these for a few weeks now and I'm completely sold.

I discovered later they also have a website specifically for this product, which is The Turdminator, where more scents are offered.  I picked Emergency Evacuation in a larger home size and Smells Like Roses in a smaller purse size. 

Emergency Evacuation has the aroma of coffee.  Who doesn't like the smell of coffee?  If you don't, it beats the smell of poo.  I'm just sayin'.  This is the larger, 2oz. size which retails for $7USD.   Perfect for home use.

Smells Like Roses is just that.  It's constantly putting the OutKast song in my head.  This is the smaller, 1oz. size which retails for $5.50.  Fits perfectly in your purse.

Each bottle has this instruction label on it.  I find that I can get away with 2-3 sprays, which of course will make the bottle last longer.  Both smell amazing and cover the smell completely.  Even if you forget, you can flush & immediately spray this to get rid of that smell.  Smells Like Roses is a tad bit stronger than Emergency Evac in the fragrance department, but they both kill the odor.

While my "condition" isn't hilarious, I have to laugh.  This makes me feel better about having to go in public also.  Even the names crack me up.  How can you not laugh at names such as Dookie Howser, Attack Of The Klingons, Harry Squatter, and Toot Sea Roll?

They also have a trial size available, which only has up to 5 uses.  I honestly want to try all of the fragrances and all of the bath products, especially their cleansing conditioner.  You can find those on the Butt Nekkid website. 

Note: I purchased these products myself & my review is 100% honest. 


  1. OMG, THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!! Harri, you are kinda awesome!!! Also, I am looking into this (as I have IBS and kinda in the same boat as you in having to know where bathrooms are everywhere I go.)

  2. What a cool product! Awesome to hear that it actually works and you like it too.

  3. Oh wow, I never realised such a product existed! So tempted to buy some so I can spray it at my boyfriend when he lets a horrific fart rip. He does this *a lot* -.-


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