Thursday, April 10, 2014

My DIY Holographic Cell Phone Case

Hey y'all!  I'm a bit obsessed with cell phone cases.  Ever since I got my Samsung Galaxy S4, I've been buying phone cases like crazy.  Cheap ones though.  I have a few that I like, a few that I've discovered don't fit, and I wanted to personalize one or two.  Most of the ones I've purchased from Ebay. I will warn you to be careful.  At least 2 that I have are way too small for my phone and do not fit, thankfully they weren't more than a buck.  I found some clear ones for under $1 each and ordered 3 that do fit.

I'm giving away my age a bit here, but back in the day when I had a pager I envied all of my friends that had cute cases for them.  I personalized my own with nail polish, of course.  The clip was even glow in the dark.  

Outside cell phone shots
While one is still in progress I knew I wanted to do a holo one.  I started off with a base color, so I didn't use so much holo, of Finger Paints Minimalistic Mauve.  I did 2 coats, letting each dry a few hours in between, before applying China Glaze QT.  (I see people gasping that I used a HTF, but it's too pretty NOT to.)  After 2 coats of QT, I did a basic top coat.  I think I gave it a day or so between "polishes" to allow everything to dry. 

I couldn't leave it at just that, so I contacted Linda at Nail Vinyls to get more info about her small I <3 Nail Polish decal.   I didn't want the oval, though it would fit on the case, but I wanted to use the "insides" and rotate them to display vertically on the case.  She got back to me with the sizes and I ordered a black one to go with the pink.  I think the large would possibly fit too. 

Indoor and outdoor cell phone shots.
When I got my decal in the mail, I took an X-acto knife to cut the middle out and separated each piece.  Then using tweezers for placement, I applied and made sure they were stuck onto the case per the included directions before peeling the transfer tape off.  It was super easy & I love it.  I'm debating on adding a topcoat to seal in the vinyl because it's permanent. 

What do y'all think??


  1. They turned out great! Nice DIY project :)

  2. I love this!! What a fun post and great idea :0)

  3. This is gorgeous! I now know what I'm doing next time I have to get a new phone case!


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