Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March Empties

Hey y'all.  I can't believe that it's April already.  My kid is on Spring Break & the weather "should" be nice.  I say "should" because mother nature has been a bit bi -polar lately and can't seem to make up her mind.  Anywho, this is what I finished up this past month.

Beauty Secrets Acetone - This is the 32oz size from Sally's that generally runs around $5.  It lasts FOREVER.  I eventually want to just start buying it by the gallon, but I can say it's been a while since I even bought this bottle.  It's also the pink one, which doesn't bother me.  For some reason Remove+ KILLS my sinuses.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleansing Bar - This sucker has been hard to track down.  I originally bought this at WalMart & I'm almost at the end of it.  I've searched store after store with no luck.  I'm guessing I'll have to go back to WM or order online.  This is almost the best thing I've used on my face, with LUSH Fresh Farmacy being first.  This doesn't annoy my sensitive skin, it cleanses wonderfully, and it keeps my skin mostly clear(I don't think anything can help hormonal stuff).  It's not AS drying as FF, which is the only downfall for me....my skin is SUPER oily and I'd rather start off with it as dry as possible while I get ready for the day.

E.L.F. Studio Brush Shampoo - I've had this FOREVER.  Since before I stopped ordering from the ELF website, due to horrible CS.  To be fair, I don't wear makeup daily, so I don't have to clean my brushes as often.  I found that this works just "ok" for $3.  Since before I finished this up, I've been looking at trying new brush shampoo's & I'm working on a different one now.  IDK that I'd purchase this again, because I want to take care of my expensive brushes, but if you only use ELF brushes...this should be fine.

L'Oreal HiColor HiLights in Red - THIS is all I use lately.  It gets my hair to a bright, vibrant, gorgeous red shade without having to bleach.  I will say that even with co-washing it seems to fade quickly on me, though it would be worse with shampoo.  It still shows up vibrant in photographs, just not IRL.

BIC Razor - This is just from a cheapy multipack that I got a good deal on ages ago.  This is my last pack and I only have a few left.  For a cheapy razor, this works pretty well.

Crest Pro-Health Gum Protection - If you have UBER sensitive teeth/gums, I highly recommend this.  It's not that "OMG I just put an entire mint plant in my mouth" feeling.  It's soothing and smooth, but still gives you the clean feeling.

So there you go.  While it wasn't a lot....because there were cleaning things that were tossed....It still feels great when I can toss something into my empties basket.  :D

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