Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Totally Cool Nails for Kids book review & nail art

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Hey y'all!  I have a 2 for one post today, a review and some nail art

 I got this book from Totally Cool Nails and immediately read through it.  I have some tips to add, but I'll share those in a few.  You don't have to be a pro or blogger to get cute nails and they don't have to be absolutely perfect.  This breaks it down and helps you out.

Available HERE on Amazon.

I wanted to do something I've not yet tried, so I went for cupcake nails!!  In this book, she includes information for prepping the nails, tools needed, and step-by-step instructions(with pictures too) of how to do each design.  

I decided to change up the colors a little, and you can totally do it however YOU want to.  That's the beauty of nail art.

For this, I used Fresh Paint Divine! as my base color, Fresh Paint Lollipop Hammer & NYX Sweetest Pink as the "wrapper", Fresh Paint Honeydew as the frosting, and Funky Fingers Sand & Stilettos as holographic sprinkles.

Who/what is this book perfect for?  Anyone old enough to paint their own nails.  Know a girl who is hard to buy for?  Get her this, put it in a little basket with some nail polishes, polish remover, files, dotting tools, scotch or striping tape, and some cotton balls.  Daughter having a sleepover?  Go raid the dollar store, drugstore, or wherever you find your inexpensive polishes & just set them out with supplies and this book.  They'll be entertained for hours doing each others nails.  Or for anyone who just wants to have fun with their daughter and pamper themselves.  

Now, what I'd like to add is....
  • Some polish colors may not be opaque enough to do exactly what you want with them.  Acrylic paint, for me, is easier to use when this happens.  Not only is it inexpensive, but it dries extremely fast.  
  • If you are using polish for designs, allow it to dry a little bit BEFORE applying top coat.  Otherwise all that beautiful work you just created gets all smeared and leaves you frustrated.
  • Most times it's easier to apply a lighter color as whatever base(for the entire nail or for the art design) then put the darker over it.  For example, If you painted white over black, it would take forever.  If you paint black over white, MUCH faster.
Just have fun with it.   You can totally do these designs on your fingers or toes. 

For other tips and tricks, you can check out Totally Cool Nails on YouTube or purchase the book on Amazon

*Book provided for honest review*


  1. Great review! It seems like a great book for beginners and the cupcake nails turned out great too.

  2. Loving the green on the cupcake nails! I recently did a review and found a lot of fun designs :).

  3. what a cute book! i LOVE the mani you did - so cute!!


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