Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reviva Glycolic Acid Daytime Oily Skin Cream

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Hey y'all.  A while back I reviewed some Reviva Labs products & they were kind enough to send me another.  So today I have the Glycolic Acid Daytime Oily Skin Cream Moisturizer to tell y'all about. I have extremely oily skin and that is somewhat sensitive and has the occasional breakout.

Perfect for oily skin, its advanced Glycolic Acid Polymer is similar to skin's own polymer for more efficient absorption.  Gives beautiful epidermal interaction that out-performs standard glycolics and AHA's.

This has less than 10 ingredients, yes you read that right...less than 10. 

Ingredients: Cross-linked fatty acids from sunflower and safflower seeds, aloe cellulose, mineral water, glycolic acid polymer, lemon extract, witch hazel. 

This is a very thin formula, which is perfect for daytime use for oily skin.  A little really goes a LONG way.  You can apply it alone or under makeup.  It absorbs rather quickly because of that too.

The day I received it, I immediately washed my face to apply it.  I had a horrible spot starting to pop up on my face and it was quite painful.  2 applications and not even 36 hours later it was completely gone.  It didn't even fully pop up to the nasty white zit it wanted to be.  I was amazed. 

I've been using this for a few weeks and I love it, but I do have a few "meh" feelings about it.  I've noticed that my face still produces oils, but not nearly as much as normal.  I still have to powder my face a few times when wearing makeup.  

So while it's not completely controlling oil for me, it does work better than every other moisturizer I've tried and better than nothing at all.  I think my face just hates me.  

This retails for $19 for a 1.5oz. jar.  You can find this at   It will really last forever.

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