Monday, March 31, 2014

Mint Green Tribal Maxi

Hey y'all!  So, as I mentioned last week I've been finding a lot of inspiration on Pinterest as of late.  Unfortunately, I've been unable to find links to said inspiration to share with y'all.  So for this one, if you search for the title of this post, you'll see the dress I've been drawn to recreate today.

When I originally attempted this, it came out HORRIBLY wrong.  Like worse than fail.  Add to that my smudging half of it off, I had to try it again.  This is round 2.

I started off with a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White.  The polish I originally used just didn't quite match the color I wanted so I grabbed my acrylic paints.  The tips are Anita's - Island Green 11151 and the black stripes are Craftsmart Black.  Any brand will do. 

Because acrylic dries faster, I was able to do this rather quickly and then just top it with Seche.  I did freehand the stripes and tips.  I did the stripes first then put the tips over that.  Also, because it's acrylic, it covers the black.  :D

Then, I wanted to kinda match the look of the fabric, so I brushed on some Butter London Matte Finish.  

Honestly, I like it both ways....shiny and matte.  I see this being something else I do with my toes this spring/summer. :D


  1. These are fun! I love when you mix prints or patterns together :)


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