Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January Empties

Hey y'all!  Today I have my empties for the past month.  I can't believe how the month flew by, especially after the crazy weather in Atlanta last week.

I didn't finish up much, but here's what I emptied out...

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer - This one is called total moisture.  I want to try the cocoa radiant.  I'd been wanting to try these forever & they had a "demo" at Costco one day.  The main thing that held me back was the price.  I didn't want to spend $6-$7 for something that I wouldn't like.  I sprayed some on my arm in store & grabbed the 3 pack.  It was around $13, but they had a coupon so I paid around $11ish for 3 of them.  It works great, but you do still have to rub it in.  It's light, not heavy, and smells great.  I feel this would be better for the summer months when your skin isn't as dry and doesn't need as much moisture.  This one can lasted "maybe" a month and I didn't use it daily.  It has a light, clean smell that I can't quite describe.  After I finish the other two, I might try the other one or try the St. Ive's.

Mainstays Mulled Cider candle - These are the $5 candles at WalMart.  OMG it smells amazing.  I wish I had thought to stock up on them.  I love me some BBW candles, but I can get WAY more of these for the price of those and these are just as good.

Bath & Body Works Anti-Bac Hand Soap - I finished up 2 of these this past month.  Island Margarita is pictured, but Peach Bellini was tossed in the trash before I was able to put it in my Empties box.  I love these hand soaps.  Sadly, my stockpile of them is running a tad low.

Secret Scent Expressions Clear Gel in Cocoa Butter Kiss - I've been trying to find something that works well for me & doesn't cost as much at the clinical strength.  I bought a few different ones to try, and I think this will be the one.  I have several others to finish up before repurchasing this, but I will definitely repurchase.  It's not overpowering and smells great.  It lasts forever I works really well.

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream - Since I've been growing my hair out I'm trying out different products for my curly hair to keep from getting crunchy curls while keeping the amount of products to a minimum.  I want pretty curls without the frizz.  This sample seemed to last a while, but I feel like it was a little too thick for me.

Proactive+ Mark Fading Pads x4 - These came in my Ipsy bag, you can click HERE for my review.  I'm just "meh" and not that really impressed.  Not to mention that they're not available to purchase individually from what I can see.

FCS Ring Around The Rosie soap - I got a dozen or so of these for stocking stuffers this past year.  This one isn't as rose scented as I would like, but it's still great.  The boy has one that he's still trying to finish up and he LOVES it.  I happened to pick them up during their black friday sale, but even at full price it's not a bad deal.  They're so stinking cute and smell great.  I can't wait to use the others that I have.

So, that's what I finished up in the past month and I think this officially makes a year of empties posts for me.  I'm so glad that I stuck to it and I look forward to continuing to use up products in my goo hoarding stockpile.  

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  1. Nice empties! You finished quite a bit of stuff :)


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