Friday, February 28, 2014

February Ipsy Bag - The Look Of Love

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Hey y'all.  So today I have a review of my Ipsy bag for this month.  I honestly have to say that I'm || close to just cancelling Ipsy and going back to using that money for my World Of Warcraft subscription.  

What I received:

Tini Beauty Cream Shadow Base - The color I received is Violette.  They claim this is an Ipsy exclusive, but it's listed on their website. :/  It takes forever to dry and you have to put a good amount on unless you just want a sheer wash of color.  Also it's SPARKLY as eff.  seriously.  While it is a pretty purple shade, I just don't think this works well with my blue eyes. I think Ambrosia would have been a better choice for them to send.  Not worth $18 IMO.  You can get better results IMO from drugstore brands at a fraction of the price.

Pop Beauty Plump Pout Mini - I received this in Fuchsia Freesia.  I don't know how in the world this made it past quality control.  I opened it to swatch on my hand & immediately smelled something like burning plastic or rubber.  It was horrible.  Right into the trash it went.  I sure as heck wouldn't pay $16 for a full size of this. 

Zoya Nail Polish - I received this in the shade Dot.  This is part of their Awaken spring collection.  Because I'm awaiting on my press sample of that collection, I haven't opened this to swatch or anything.  I love Zoya polishes so I always recommend them.

J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes - The style they sent was EL43.  I don't see that number listed on their website.  I haven't tried these.  I've wanted to try falsies for ages, but haven't been able to actually make myself do it.  I will, eventually now that I have these to play with.  I like how full they are, that the glue included is latex free(as I know many people, not me, who are allergic to it), and made with human hair.  They're also cruelty & lead free and Hypoallergenic.  I'll probably save them for a special nite or something.

Skyn Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud - This is a 2 step sample pack.  I actually just tried it today for the first time.  I tried not to use too much so I can get more than one use out of it.  Both steps have to be layered on/mixed before sitting on your face for 5-10 minutes.  Step 1 feels like a normal face mask, it has that consistency/smell/feel of toothpaste, though it's a clay product.  I did notice a few small bits in it which may have been to exfoliate?  Step 2 was like a slimy gel that gets mixed with the first step on your face to produce an effervescent warming foam.  It didn't really tingle or anything, but I could feel it warming.  My skin felt nice after wiping it off, but it felt like I couldn't get it all off without using soap or something.  A few hours later and my oily skin is like 10 times greasier than normal.  I don't think I could suggest this for oily skin.  

While I'm happy that I get to try some awesome products for just $10 a month, I don't know that I can keep going on with mostly products that I'm either "meh" about or absolutely will not waste money on.  I feel there are way better products in each bag that would be more suitable for my preferences that for some reason they replace with stuff that doesn't even work for me.  For example the face mask....I feel the First Aid Beauty cleanser would have been more appropriate for oily skin.  

I have found a few products that I like/love but the bad outweighs the good here. 


  1. Yeah, it seems like your bag wasn't as great as some of the other ones I've seen this month.

  2. Oh what a total bummer! I'm sorry you didn't like your bag :( I got the Tini eyetint in Ambrosia and I really liked it quite a bit because it didn't crease on me [literal miracle], and luckily my lipgloss doesn't smell gross either >.< I do wish the ipsy quiz was a little more specific in terms of color and finish preferences since they do SO many color cosmetic items in the bags

  3. That's a shame that you had a bad experience. I loved this bag this was full of products I loved! Hopefully next month is better for you.


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