Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Depotting into a Coastal Scents Palette

Hey y'all!  So today's post is something I've been wanting to do for a while.  I couldn't bring myself to spend the money for ZPalettes, so when Coastal Scents had their Black Friday sale, I went a little nuts.  Not overboard, but I got a few wants & a few things to make my process easier, prettier, & cleaner.  Not including shipping, the total cost to make my own palettes was around $6. 

This is the bulk of the space taken up at my makeup desk & I never really see anything without going through it all.  I needed to condense it all as much as possible and to make room for my larger palettes like my NYX Wicked Dream and 2 of my Naked palettes.  

With both orders, I got a few of the 28 Piece Interchangeable Palette.  These come with an insert that is glued in with circular empty spots to put pans into.  They do list on the website that the MAC pans are the same size, but will not stick with the magnet.  So, I found that if you start at one of the corners, you can start peeling up the padded insert.  I did have a few spots that wanted to stay stuck to the palette but a little rubbing alcohol took care of that.  I also kept the inserts off to the side and I'll tell you why later.

I also picked up some magnet sheets.  After seeing a few YouTube tutorials I settled on THESE ADHESIVE SHEETS.  I got the 8.5" x 11" 35mil.  Though next time I think I'll get the 30mil (mil is their term for thickness).  One of this size will cut in half for 2 of these 28 piece size palettes. 

Here you can see the magnet in the bottom as well as the first Wet N Wild eyeshadow trio I depotted.  I didn't clean off the backs of the pans, so I'm not 100% sure if they're sticking so well because of the magnet or the adhesive, but I think it's both.  I will say do not put a label on the back, as it seemed to not want to stick then.  I'm not going to explain how to depot, because there's a TON of tutorials on YouTube explaining how to do it for almost every brand.  I did the heat method using the scented candle you can see in the first picture which thankfully covered the smell. 

And here is the first palette all filled up.  I had some small square labels that I used to write information on then attach to the lid, lining them up.  Because these are WnW Trio's and 6-pans, they don't have individual names, I just wrote the palette name 3times or 6times to correspond to the shadows in that palette.  This way, I know what it comes from to reference for blog posts or repurchase.

My handwriting is horrible.  I put red spots on the corners of those palettes that are limited edition so I would know for future reference.  It would be hard for me to actually forget, but this way at least I can't.

I was able to fit 8 trio's and 5 of the 6-pan palettes in here with a little bit of room left.  I'm sure I could have worked it out better to have more space, but I like it this way.  I have 2 Silent Treatment trio's and since it's my go to, I put them together.  If I get more, I may have to rearrange everything and/or start another palette.  That being said, it's nice to have them all in one spot.  They took up a HUGE amount of space.

This is the 2nd palette that I did.  Thankfully I have more room to put things into because I absolutely LOVE the Coastal Scents hot pots that I have.  Every one of these stuck to the magnet with no problem.  In fact, my fingernail dipped into the UD Perversion shadow as I tried to move it on the magnet.

I'm going to get more materials to make more in the future so I can depot my blushes, press some of my loose shadows & blushes, as well as depot some of my Too Faced palettes.....and the others that I didn't depot yet because I just didn't want to mess with it.

Now, back to why I set the inserts aside.  The bottom of each empty pod area has a magnet.  These are stuck to the bottom layer of the insert.  Once you peel it up and off, you can peel the magnets right off of it.  I saved these in case I have pans in the future that do not want to stick to the magnet, I can just glue one or more of them to the bottom of a pan & it will stick.  Those tiny little magnets are extremely strong & it's a waste to just trash them. 

This all helped in freeing up a LOT of space.  Taking 14 palettes & 12 individual pots and putting them into 2 large palettes.  Yeah, TONS of space.  I will admit that they're probably not as strong as a Zpalette, you can't see what's in them until you open them, and opening can be a little tricky.....but the cost outweighs all of that.  Not to mention, there's no mirror...I have a huge lighted one so I don't need it.  I really liked doing this.  :D


  1. It definitely saves space!! Very helpful post ;)

  2. I love depotting. :) There's something so satisfying about chucking all those empty plastic compacts and containers into the recycle bin. I also save the pans from my used-up empties so I have a stash on hand when I want to press loose products.

    1. OOO I'll have to do that if I ever empty anything.


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