Friday, February 14, 2014

Atlanta Snowpocalypse 2014

Hey y'all.  I know today is Valentines, but this isn't a normal post, so just hold with me.  I live north of Atlanta and I'm sure everyone laughed at what happened a few weeks ago when the ice storm shut down the city leaving people stranded everywhere.  I've lived in Georgia ALL of my life, so even I was laughing at some of the stupid stuff.  However, I was in complete awe at the generosity, humanity, love, hospitality, etc. that was put forth by those in the areas where able to.  I just saw this again as one neighbor got stuck at the bottom of the hill, another came by in his 4WD truck and helped tow him up the hill. 

Woods behind my house 2/13/14

Woods over the neighbors house. 2/13/14

Unfortunately, I've gotten nothing done this week for blog posts.  Between trying to stay ahead of making sure we're fed, bathed, warm, etc & doing dishes, laundry, cleaning...absolutely no time to play with polish.  Add to that, just the general excitement of snow, watching teenagers sled down the hill and wipeout in my yard, and laughing at noobs try to drive (and fail miserably) up a hill full of ice.

It's also cold in my office so I've not even bothered to do my nails tomorrow, so y'all get this for today.  Thankfully I have stuff in my drafts so that I can hopefully work on more next week to build back up my stockpile of blog posts.  I hope you all stay safe and warm. 


  1. Just glad you've been safe and warm! Looking forward to your posts :)


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