Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Subtly Naturel Stamping

**Press Sample**

Hey y'all!  Today I am sharing my recent attempt at stamping.  I've always been impatient with it & with my curved nails always had placement issues.  So, for my birthday I decided to get different stampers to see if they would make a difference.  

I used Zoya Rue as my base color.  On my index & pinky fingers, I used Brigitte & Odette to sponge on a gradient.  Then using the Bundle Monster BM-406 plate and Normani, I stamped on the middle & ring fingers.

I tested out both stampers with this mani.  I picked them up from Winstonia.  The smaller pink stamp was used on my middle finger & the XL squishy stamp on my ring finger.  I think I like the squishy one better.  Be prepared for more stamping on the blog.  :D

*Polishes used in this post were provided for review.*


  1. What a pretty subtle stamping! Its so wearable :)

  2. So lovely! I just got the XL squishy stamper, hoping to try it out soon and up my stamping game! :)


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