Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crown Brush HD Brush Set

*#CrownBrush set provided for review*

Hey y'all!  Today I'm going to brush off the blog a little & get back into the swing of things with a review of some awesome make-up brushes.  

Crown Brush recently came out with a travel friendly brush set that not only comes with its own bag, but has a mirror and tweezers as well.  This HD Brush Set is available in 3 different colors...purple, orange, and white/blue.  As you can see, I received the white/blue to review. 

The case is easy to clean, has pouches for the brushes and the tweezers, and the mirror is removable.  It's compact enough to place in your bags & has a brush for almost every function of application. 

The white/blue set is completely white, with baby blue tips on the brush hairs.  These are synthetic, vegan friendly, and perfect for applying all types of products(cream, liquid, powder).

Pro Powder Brush - This is big, but not too big, and fluffy.  Perfect for applying powder to set your foundation or for mineral foundation.  You could also use this to apply bronzer to warm up the skin a little.  

Tapered Blush - This brush is a tad smaller than the normal blush brushes out there.  The bristles are shorter also.  It's perfect for not applying too much blush and getting it right where it needs to go.  Even though there is a contour brush included, this could also work for that.  

Deluxe Contour - The bristles on this brush are short and compact, while the head is rounded.  Great for applying contour color just where you want it.  I do feel it's a little big for contouring the nose, so I use it to apply my highlighter.  Because these also work well for liquids, this would be great as a concealer brush.

Chisel Shadow - This is one of my fav's.  This is a great shader brush & is fluffy enough to use for blending as well.  I like to use this to place or pack color on the lid as well as apply a highlight shade to my brow bone.  

Crease Blender - My most favorite brush of the set.  AMAZING for applying colors to the crease as well as for blending everything together.  It also works great to apply a little highlight all over the face or to use with a powder to set under eye concealer.  I've recently started using proper blending brushes like this and I'm obsessed.  

Detail Liner - This little gem is another multi-tasker.  I have used this with cream eyeliner as well as powder.  Unfortunately, because I have hooded lids, I don't use this for my upper lash line because it makes the lines a little too thick for me.  What I LOVE it for is to set liner, be it upper or lower, with powder.  It's also great for applying color to smudge out liner on the lower lash line or to add a pop of color.  My favorite use is to apply a tiny amount of color to the inner corner of my eye and blend it into the lower lash line.  Another great use for this would be to apply tiny amounts of concealer to little spots around the face.  

These brushes are amazing.  They're extremely soft, lightweight, and easy to use.  They all have a multitude of uses and work well for their own purposes.  Not only that, but they clean up super easily with no color staining. 

I've recently started purchasing more & more brushes because I just didn't have enough for perfect application and these do the perfect job.  You get everything you need in one travel friendly set for under $30.  

You can find more info on these at the Crown Brush website HERE & be sure to follow them on their social media accounts listed below. 

Crown Brush Facebook, Crown Brush Twitter, Crown Brush Instagram

*Note: Brush set provided by iFabbo for review.  All opinions are my own.*

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