Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolutions for 2014....and a review of 2013's

Happy New Years Eve Y'all!!! 

Last year I did my top 10 resolutions HERE & I think I did pretty well in keeping them. I'll list them again below & tell y'all if I was good or bad. 

2013's resolutions
  1. Comment more.  I started off doing well with this, then just kinda slacked off on it.  Though I am commenting on YouTube...not so much on FB, Blogs, or Instagram.
  2. BLOG MORE!!!  Again, I'd started off doing great with this, but fell off the wagon a few times.  I'm hoping that I can get more into this without disruption since I now have a laptop to edit pictures on & blog while I'm spending time with the guys watching tv and stuff. 
  3. Use More! I've done SOOOOO good with this one.  I'll have my December Empties post up in a few days, but so far I've had at least 6 empties a month.  I've found this feels great having stuff empty to post about because it's things I either really really love or things I've forgotten about completely.
  4. Keep up with my social media accounts. I've done decently with this.  I post almost daily to Instagram, even if most of it is not beauty/polish related.  It sorta lets y'all see what's going on in my life.  I forget about Twitter half of the time, I think mainly because I manage my own account as well as the MABB account. 
  5. Move all of my stuff into one room and ORGANIZE!!! This was completed rather quickly.  And since then I've moved things around at least twice.  I want to rearrange everything yet again already.  At least everything is all in one room now & I can do my makeup and nails in here.
  6. Re-do my blog.  I slacked on this.  I re-did most of the layout then kinda dropped the ball.  I started working on a much cleaner layout a few months ago and sorta just forgot about it.
  7. Get myself on a schedule.  I did this, and everything was going GREAT....until the kiddo gets more than a few days out of school.  I finally had a regular sleep schedule, blog schedule, and gaming schedule.  Now it's all out of wack, but I'm getting back into the swing of things with that.
  8. More NAIL ART!!!  As you may have seen in yesterdays post, I've done at least more than a dozen different nail art mani's.  For my birthday I also got more stamping plates & stampers to see if that helps my failing at it.  I also finally got the hang of water marbling.  I even got some crafting scissors for tape mani's and stuff too. 
  9. Take more ME time.  Occasionally, at least once a month or more, I've taken a day to just pamper myself.  Giving myself a mani/pedi, taking a long bubble bath, picking up my Nook to read, playing video games on the Xbox, watching Netflix. 
  10. Open myself to new things.  I've been sort of a makeup junkie this past year.  I've picked up a TON of brushes & make-up.  I actually like doing my makeup again.  I don't go over the top, most times, but like to add a pop of color to a neutral look.  I bought my first MAC product, which was RiRi Woo...something I NEVER would have tried before and I LOVE IT!  I've watched several movies and TV shows on Netflix that I've never seen before....Love Actually & Breaking Bad  just to name a few.  I've also tried new foods and new restaurants.  In fact, I've been to Atlanta a few times this year & have been to a few old places for the first time and tried new things.  It's been fun.
For 2014, I want to do ALL of the things above again.  I've found that I actually did pretty great with most of it and want to continue to do so. 

The only thing I would add would be trying to walk a little outside each day.  Even if it's just down my hill and into the cul-de-sac & back several times.   That and re-organizing my make-up.  I've already started that process, just need to pick up a few things to help depot some of my eyeshadow trio's and stuff to make my own palettes.

I hope y'all stay safe & have a wonderful new year.

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  1. Love this list! I want to redo my blog in 2014 and make it more engaging. And I've really tried to be better about commenting in the last month. It's hard, but it's rewarding because it forces me to do more than take a cursory glance, I'm really reading what is written instead of just getting the skinny on a product or seeing pretty nail art. I wish you luck in your list in 2014! Cheers!


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