Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November Empties

WoW!!!  I can't believe it's December already.  This year seems to have flown by & I'm proud of myself for keeping this up through the year.  I'm finding it challenging and fun. 

So, without rambling too much on to the mound of empties for this month....

Calgon Ageless Bath Luminous Bath Pearls - I got these at WalMart for around $5 or $6.  I definitely WILL NOT repurchase.  They smelled nice, but were just kinda "meh".  I think the main reason for that is the quantity I had to use in my HUGE garden tub.  About a third of the container.  If I used any less it was like I put nothing in at all.  Then, with any amount, it filled the tub with sparkle (duh me, it does say "luminous" on the bottle).  I would get out of the tub and look like a Cullen, even after drying off completely. 

Eight Skincare Tangerine Body Wash - You can read my review by clicking that link so I won't go into heavy detail on it.  It smells AMAZING and my son ended up stealing it from me to finish it off.  We were both sad to see it leave.

Equate Daily Freshness Body Wash in spring Showers - This is the WalMart brand that is compared to the Dial All Day body wash.  The boy goes through body wash like nobody's business, so I've been trying to go the cheaper route with him until he realizes that I'm telling him he doesn't have to use a ton of this stuff to get clean.  This smells great and he seemed to really like it.  I can't remember the price, but it was the best value for the Equate brand for the size(18oz.) at the time.

Kirkland Acid Reducer - I go through this stuff like crazy.  Most other types of GERD medicine doesn't work for me, but this seems to do a decent job & isn't too costly with the larger Costco size packaging.  I always have at least 2 of these on hand at any given time because I hate running out of this when I absolutely need it.

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Eye Primer - As you can probably tell, this is VERY old packaging.  I honestly don't remember WHEN I got it, but it was around the time I first discovered primers (I know :x).  I didn't really find that this helped.  Thankfully the 2nd primer I tried, UDPP, worked great and this was just shoved to the back of my stash.  I'd tried it a few times since and thought it was still good.  However, I just went to to try it this past weekend and it was all hard & dried up.  I'll stick with my UDPP.

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Face Primer -  This was picked up around the same time as the eye primer.  With oily skin, this was also the first primer I ventured out to because BE was all I used at the time.  I didn't find that this helped keep anything on my face.  It has that clear silicone feel to it.  I have EXTREMELY oily skin and my foundation(all types of it) would break down even after a few hours with this.  I actually just finished this up recently while just playing around with some face looks so I didn't waste some of the primers that I do like. 

Mainstays Pumpkin Spice Candle - This was another WalMart purchase.  I believe this 20oz size runs for about $5 and they rotate out seasonal scents.  It took about 2 months for me to use it up and OMG it smelled amazing.  While I love my BBW candles, I've been loving these at just $5 and I can buy way more. 

Heritage Candles Sugar Cookie - I'm not sure if you can actually purchase these from the website I linked, as I didn't really look into it, but I know this came from a fundraiser for a relatives school.  I believe this is the 2nd or 3rd one I've received and this smelled SOOOOO good.  I love how it's a little mason jar and is so fragrant.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner - This has been my holy grail deep conditioner for AGES.  I've tried many other products and always come back to this.  Not only because it works, but because it's extremely affordable.  I have a stockpile of these that I purchased with coupons while they were on sale and ended up paying around $1 for each bottle.  It takes forever for me to go through one of these.  I know some people who use this in place of normal conditioner.  I haven't put another in my shower yet, as I'm trying some other products out, but again this is always in my house and my go to for deep conditioning.

Nivea Touch Of Cashmere - Another product that I recently pulled out of my stockpile to use up is this.  I purchased it some time last year at Target by combining some coupons and got a really good deal.  At the time I thought it smelled great, however I was way wrong.  IDK if it was because I let it sit so long or if my scent preference changed but I found this to be a little too musky for my liking.  I had to force myself to use it up and I don't think it really did anything special for my skin.  I have one more of the "touch of" products to use up & I'm most likely not going to repurchase any of them.

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar - I got this a while back(coupon & sale) for way less than $1 just to have in the house in case a recipe called for it.  When I first attempted the Listerine Foot Soak, I went straight for this.  I don't really think it matters what kind of vinegar you use, but wanted to include this in my empties since I did use this up by using it for pedicures.  I have since purchased a larger store brand bottle to keep in the bathroom for that use.

BBW Pink Grapefruit Deep Cleansing Hand Soap - I've had this FOREVER.  It was hidden somewhere and I found it several months ago.  I absolutely LOVE this scent at Bath & Body Works as well as all their hand soaps.  I try to purchase them only when they have a REALLY good deal. 

Whew.  12 products used up.  Of course I think there were a few other things that someone else(*cough*notme*cough) put in the trash.  I'm also already running low in a few other things I've been forcing myself to use, so this is GREAT.  I can't wait to see what I empty out this month. 

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