Monday, November 4, 2013

October Empties

I can't believe my birthday is in 11 days....which also means the kiddos birthday & the holidays are coming up.  I have to kinda pat myself on the back for staying to this "using stuff up" and doing these empties posts. 

Suave Naturals Juicy Green Apple Shampoo - I actually just went to repurchase this and couldn't find any in this particular fragrance, so I'm guessing it's popular.  The kiddo uses it and was disappointed that I couldn't find it 2 different stores.  SO, he's using the coconut one now.  This range is like the cheapest in the drugstore and it works just fine for his hair, for now. 

Febreze Falling Leaves & Spice. - This is my can from last year.  I kinda kicked myself for not buying more of these last fall because when I finally used it, they'd already taken them out for the winter scents.  This is a seasonal product.  I love it so much that just this past weekend, I bought 2 & may get more soon to make sure I don't run out.  It's all the smells of fall in one can.  I can't pin down just one note, but it's kinda pumpkin-y, apple-y, leafy, and spice-y all at once.  It's warm and inviting.  I just wish they had it in a car clip.  I have at least a dozen different cans of Febreze in my house in various rooms....and this one is the one I'll go room to room searching for just to use.

Perfectly Posh Sugar Fix - I won this in my blogging BFF's(Mandy) giveaway about a year ago.  It works great & washes away easily, but the scent (while great) is a little heavy for me.  It doesn't really linger around but OMG my sinuses are probably going to kill me right now just for smelling it over and over again as I type this.  If you click on that link(the item name) it'll go to Mandy's review telling you all about the goodness of this product. 

Black Pepper Bergamot small candle - This is the 4oz one.  I picked it up last year on Black Friday & wished I had purchased a larger one after smelling it burn.  Thankfully, it's now available again for the holidays and I might be getting it in the 3 wick once I finish up my Villa Bergamot.  The scent notes on this are black pepper, bergamot, and lavender.  To me, it smells of manly cologne.  I absolutely love it.  Sometimes it kills my sinuses, but it's totally worth it.  I still have a mini one sitting on top of my desk that I grab from time to time just to smell. 

Up & Up Naproxen Sodium - This is the target version of Aleve.  I was prescribed this ages ago when I injured my back and totally forgot about it.  A few months ago when I had to go to the ER for migraines, they gave me a prescription for Naproxen among other things.  I filled it, but also picked this bottle up to keep in my purse.  I've since purchased a Costco sized one and find it works better, for me, than Ibuprofen(which I can't take due to stomach issues).  Side note:  I'm not telling you that you should use this, just that I finished it up and what I take it for. 

Biosilk Silk Therapy - This is the 0.5oz size that I got from Ulta a few Black Friday's ago off of their $1 table.  Sadly, it just stayed in a drawer forever because I never really figured out how to use it in my hair.  Since my hair is growing back out, and I have more length, I'm wearing it curly more often.  When I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a towel & go through my routine.  Once that is done, I put a detangler in my hair, brush it, then take like a tiny amount of this into the palm of my hands.  I rub it to coat even my fingers, then work it into the ends of my hair.  I try to stay away from the scalp, so I start from the ends and go about halfway up, scrunching as I go.  Not only does it smell amazing, but it makes my hair feel so nice and soft.  If I'm going to be out and around a lot of wind, then I'll use mousse as well.  If not, this is all I need for amazing, frizz free curls. 

Yankee Candle Juicy Peach - The one I finished is the small jar candle.  Back around spring/summer I went shopping with my neighbor.  We found some candles at WalMart that we liked.  Once I burned mine I went looking for another and they were sold out.  She went looking at other stores and couldn't find that scent either.  So, while she was shopping at the mall for herself she picked this one up for me.  It smells great, but nowhere near as good as the one below it. 

B&BW Market Peach  - This I believe was a spring scent at Bath & Body Works.  I wish I had grabbed more of this one.  Thankfully I still have one left.  This candle filled my entire house with the smell of peach.  It wasn't a sickening sweet smell either, but like a clean peach.  If that makes any sense.  If they have these in the outlet shops, GET THEM!!!  I probably won't burn the other one for a while because I just want to savor the smell of it.

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy - Shampoo & Conditioner.  I've had these forever.  When I first cut my hair short I used this at my brothers house as my sister-in-law was using it.  I found that it made straightening my hair so much easier.  So when I found these at BJ's for around $10ea. I snagged them up.  This has lasted me forever.  Granted I've tried a few different things since for reviews, but this was great for my shorter hair.  Though, if my hair is at it's current length(almost touching my shoulders) and/or curly, it doesn't work well and leaves my hair feeling really gross.  It smells great, but for me doesn't work on longer or curly hair.

As I said before, I feel so good about doing these posts.  I'm forcing myself to use things that I'd normally just throw away if I didn't like.  I've also been trying not to purchase new things until I get close to finishing up what I have in my current stockpile.  Doing this keeps me from purchasing things that I may think I like just because I've already bought it but haven't yet used it.  It also makes me look for alternatives for some of the more expensive things that I've been holding on to.

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  1. I agree with the Keratin shampoo/conditioner.. It makes my hair gross, even though I love other Organix products. My mom, on the other hand, has hair that's just a bit shorter than mine, but her hair doesn't produce oil at ALL and it's perfect for her. Maybe it's just not meant for oily girls like myself? Who knows.


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