Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Magic Makeup with Sheer Cover

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As I sit to write this post, I am having horrible writers block.  There are SO many good things I want to say about this product that I'm going to try to do so without writing a novel.  I've been testing out this 5 piece Basic Kit(with brushes) for a few weeks now. 

 I'll go through the products as I applied them.  You can also view their helpful tips HERE.  First, I started out with a primer that I'll have a review of soon. 

Conceal & Brighten Trio - 2 concealer shades plus a brightener.  I applied the medium shade over red spots and around my nose using the bonus concealer brush(pic will be further below in the post).  Then I used my ring finger to apply and blend the lighter shade under my eyes.  Lastly, I used the brightener on pretty much every spot you'd normally apply a highlighter to the face.

As my skin is around NC20, I was sent both the Light and Medium shades in the Mineral Foundation.  Both work well.  Light brightens my skin, and is perfect for winter while medium warms it up and is perfect for summer or any time I want my face to look just a tad darker without being noticeable.  Both shades adjust perfectly.  The consistency is powder, but looks and feels creamy.

Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation - I mixed the 2 shades together and applied in a buffing motion around the face using the bonus foundation brush.  Using this brush allowed for a light, more natural application.  If you use a more dense brush, you'll get a slightly better coverage result.  More on that down below.

Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals -  This product, for me, has a couple of uses.  I used this as eyeshadow/liner as well as for bronzing.  Using a few eyeshadow brushes, I applied the lightest shade on the inner corner & brow bone, medium shade all over the lid, and darker shade on the outer v into the crease & then blended onto the lower lash line.  Then, using the bonus blush brush, I swirled it into all 3 shades to combine for the perfect bronzed glow.  While it appears shimmery in the pan, it doesn't look that way on the skin.  

Lengthening Mascara & Lash Extending Fibers - The mascara, as you can see is black.  The brush is about as round as a pencil with an hourglass shape.  It applied nicely with no issues to my lashes and got them all.  Even by itself, I could see they looked slightly longer.  While the mascara was still wet, I dabbed on some of the fibers.  That was really weird looking....like I had dusted flocking powder on them.  Once I applied another coat of mascara, they were super long.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good close-up shot, but it didn't even feel like I had anything on them.  

L to R: Blush, foundation, and concealer brushes.
These brushes are extremely soft.  The handles are lightweight with a wooden look.  The feral is a beautiful metallic lavender color.  

I finished this look off with a clear gloss.  Making that and the primer the only products not in this kit that I used.  I applied this in the early afternoon before doing some weekend errands and shopping.  It lasted through several stores and hours of walking around inside and outside.  I did have some oil breaking through, but it didn't break down the foundation at all.  In fact, it didn't budge.  This looked and felt so natural I kept forgetting that I even had anything on my face.

Then, a few days later I decided to try using this another way.  I applied a tinted moisturizer, then a primer, then using my Real Techniques buffing brush, applied the Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation once those dried.  I forgot to take pictures because I had to rush off to the grocery store, but my skin looked more flawless than it has in a while.  Those 3 products were ALL I wore and I wasn't self conscious one bit.  As with my previous attempt, I had some oily spots, but no breakdown of product.  With another(*cough*BE*cough*) mineral foundation that I've used, any oil popping through on my skin makes the foundation separate and look splotchy.  Not with this.  

I really look forward to continuing to use these products and having amazing looking(and feeling) skin. 

The NEW Sheer Cover Studio Basic Kit comes with the Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation,

Conceal & Brighten Trio, Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals, Lengthening Mascara and Lash

Extending Fibers. This Kit also includes Concealer, Bronzer and Foundation Brushes as free gifts.

Customers can call 800.506.6281 or visit www.SheerCover.com to order in Light, Medium, Tan

or Dark. Sheer Cover Studio is the only makeup you will need to create the youthful, natural-

looking appearance you want.

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