Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Birthday Stuffs

I didn't really advertise it, but this past Friday was my birthday.  It was kind of a chill weekend spent with some friends and a little bit of shopping.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may or may not have already seen some of these pics.

Thursday I had to go ahead & do the dreaded "renewing of the license".  Thankfully it was quite painless since new state laws requiring tons of paperwork.  I've never had a name change, so I didn't have to bring a lot with me.  After that, I stopped by Target & Sally's and picked up a few things. 

I was totally out of stuff to color my hair with and wanted to try a few other things.  I was also lucky enough to snag Orly Sparkling Garbage off the clearance rack at Sally's.

I also received my very first Ipsy bag, which I'll do a separate post/review/thoughts on later.
Friday morning I woke up to my kiddo running in to tell me Happy Birthday before he left for school.  Since I had no plans, I showered and stayed in jammies ALL DAY LONG.  Just because I could.

Later that evening, I did my nails then I was summoned to my neighbors house for gifts from them, which were unexpected and WONDERFUL.  I couldn't believe she sneaked Krispy Kreme's into her house without my seeing or even smelling when I went over earlier in the afternoon.

It was a very chill day.  So, Saturday the kiddo went and picked out a present for me while I was using one of my Ulta GC's above.  He got me a pillow pet, and I picked out some NYX goodies....the lipliner I got wasn't pictured, but I got Hot Red.

Saturday night I went out with some friends for a few drinks & my friend Amanda gave me a depot of her Sugarpill Asteria.


Then Sunday I went to Michaels and got some crafting scissors for tape/nail art and some brush soap for my makeup brushes.(forgot to take pics)

Now here's some quick pics of my nails.  Please ignore the growth as I did them Friday and forgot to take pics until now(with my phone).  I did one coat of OPI Fly and 1 coat of Orly Sparkling Garbage. 

I definitely plan to find a backup of Sparkling Garbage. 

I also received some sample baggies of shadows from MakeUp Zombie aka Wendi, and forgot to take a picture of those.  They're so pretty too. 

Like I said, it was a pretty chill weekend.  I did get some monies, which I used to purchase some of the items above & the rest I'm saving for Black Friday sales.  I do have some Candii Blossom Cosmetics shadows on order too since they already have their sale going on. 

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Harri! Now I'm wondering why I passed up Sparkling Garbage every time I've seen it. I bet I won't see it anywhere now!


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