Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Zoya Zenith Collection - Winter 2013

**Press Sample**

Hey y'all.  Today I have swatches of the Zoya Zenith collection which is now available at Zoya's website.  I'll admit, at first I was kinda feeling "meh" about this collection.  However, once I started applying them...it was love.

I'll keep my rambling to a minimum & go ahead and let you know I did use a top coat(just a standard $1 one) over all of these.

Belinda - 2 coats.  There was no website description for this, but according to the press release they describe this as a cosmic purple metallic.  In my notebook, I described this as a deep royal purple with blue & fuchsia subtle shimmer.  I have a few others that are similar to this, but they're nowhere near dupes.  I really love it.

Cassedy - 2 coats.  "Can be best described as a full-coverage celestial pewter metallic."  That is the description from the website.  I will tell you now that my bottle, my pictures, and my description couldn't be more opposite from that which is shown on the website.  I would describe this as a forest-y, almost blackened, green with silver shimmer.  

Dream - 2 coats.  "Can be best described as a full coverage deep space blue with holographic glitter."  I say cobalt blue jelly with scattered holo sparkle.  

Payton - 2 coats.  "Can be best described as a full coverage galactic cranberry with holographic glitter."  I pretty much agree with this one, the formula is kinda jelly-ish with the scattered holo glitter.  

Seraphina - 3 coats.  "Can be best described as a full coverage polaris silver metallic."  While I can see the silver in this, it's more like an off white leaning towards gray with silver shimmer.  The formula was extremely thin and probably could've used another coat.  

Mosheen - 3 coats.  "Can be best described as an astro ice blue topper."  This has an extremely sheer water like blue base with blue & holo tiny bar glitters along with tiny holo glitter.  With the base, it almost looks iridescent.  I purposely blurred the last pic so you could see the sparkle.  Even though you can see some random glitters sticking off the ends of my nails, it's not annoying(and I'm OCD about stuff like that.)

I had a difficult time photographing Mosheen on its own & completely forgot I'd planned to swatch it over every other polish until I was almost done.  I know others have done it, so I didn't go back to it.

That being said, I have to say that I pretty much love them all.  Payton, Dream, and Belinda are totally my favorites though.

These are now currently available on Zoya.com for $9ea. or $54 for the entire sampler set.

*Note: Products provided for a 100% honest review.*

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