Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott - Review

**Press Sample**

Hey y'all.  Let me start off by telling you a little about my hair.  As I'm in my mid 30's, it's almost shoulder length(chin if I wear it curly), naturally curly(unless I straighten it), color treated(gotta cover that gray), oily roots with dry ends.  Since motherhood & age started kicking my buttocks, the thickness has gone as has the volume.  My hair used to be SUPER thick.  Now, not so much.  That being said, with this stuff....it looks like it is AND makes it look great!

What is this magic stuff that I'm totally obsessing over you ask.....

TRUHAIR is an innovative hair care collection created by renowned salon owner and beauty industry professional Chelsea Scott to provide women with easy-to-use solutions that deliver, big results.  Currently one of the best-selling hair care lines on the HSN Network, TRUHAIR's groundbreaking formulations and cutting edge technology help women achieve professional salon looks at home, while addressing concerns commonly faced by today's women.


My thoughts: The shampoo is clear and extremely liquidy.  It doesn't lather a whole lot, so I don't feel like it's stripping my hair.  The conditioner feels great & moisturizes.  They both have a clean, light, salon like smell....which I love.  

Key Features & Benefits: Formulated with exclusive TRUHAIR Complex(includes hops, rosemary, goldenseal, and witch hazel) as well as penthenol, biotin.


My thoughts: This is a white, non-sticky cream that gives a TON of volume.  It smells kinda like when you first cut into a watermelon....like the rind.  Not gross at all, and not sweet, but clean & fruity.  It makes me think of summer vacations growing up & the hotel we stayed at every year always supplied fresh cut watermelon after lunch for eating & seed spitting contests.  I apply this to my roots, starting at the back of my head working up from the bottom to the top.  To do this, I have to flip my hair over and it helps. It doesn't make my hair feel icky & gross. 

Key Features & Benefits: Volumizes.  Fibrous styling cream pulls apart in your hands.  No sticky messes left behind.  Styles your hair easily.  Enhance fullness and shine.  Works on all hair types, including color-treated hair.  Can incorporate into current routine.  Lightweight; does not weigh hair down.  


My thoughts: This completely locks in volume and curls without making my hair all crunchy.  

Key Features & Benefits: 
Comb(not in picture above, see first picture) - Sleek, ergonomically designed double-ended comb.  Pick end is ideal for lifting and parting hair at the crown.  Comb end creates volume at the root.  Durable rubber construction helps minimize hair breakage and fraying.  Works through all hair types.

Spray - Provides lift and hold for all hair types.  Controls hair and adds volume.  Sets and finishes the style with a lightweight hold.

My results:

A few weekends ago I did my hair all pretty & had to go run some errands before having guests over for burgers & football.  It was a beautiful fall-like day around 75 degrees.  It would have been a total waste to NOT roll the windows down.  I thought I'd totally mess up my hair & at first just left them up.  It got warm quick, so I let them ALL down and even opened the sunroof.  I got home, checked the mirror, and even with the wind blowing it all around NO volume loss or frizz.  It was amazing.  Shortly after I took the pictures above, I took a nap.  3 hours later I woke up and it still looked like I had just styled it.  

If you need volume, I highly recommend this.  I am completely in LOVE and don't know how I ever lived without it.  

Now to availability.  You can purchase these on the TRUHAIR website or at HSN.  

**Note: Products provided for my 100% honest opinion/review**

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