Friday, September 6, 2013

Revlon Cherry Bon Bon

I still have a large untrieds stash, but this crosses another one off the list & puts it in the Helmer.  A while back, while at Big Lots, I saw a few of the Revlon 2 pack polishes.  I honestly can't even remember how much they were, but decided to grab two packs.

This is one of them, that I happened not to pick up when they originally came out AND it's a scented polish.

Cherry Bon Bon is a jelly finish red that pulls kinda orange.  In the bottle, it looks neon orange, but on the nail it does show more red.  It is sheer, so it took me 3 coats for these results.  I did not use any topcoat.

I really like it & I'm glad I picked it up.  The only down side?  The smell.  It's kinda like some artificial candy cherry scent.  Like really bad lip balm.  Thankfully when I covered it with a glitter topcoat a while back I couldn't smell the fake cherry.

I think I have a few other of these Revlon scented polishes that I need to swatch.

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