Monday, August 12, 2013

Zoya Cashmere Collection - Fall 2013

**Press Sample**

Sorry it's taken so long to get these up.  I've been distracted with the kiddo at home for summer & it actually took me like 12 hours on Friday to get these swatched.  Though, in all fairness I was watching movies too.   

Lets get to it.  BTW, all of these are 2 coats with a top coat.

Livingston - "Can be best described as a lush autumn red.  This is one "haute" red."  The formula on this seemed more like a crelly(creamy jelly) to me & also was like a neon-ish cherry red.  Can I tell y'all how much I freaking LOVE this color.  I'm a freak for red polishes, and surprisingly I don't own as many as you'd think.  I'll have to compare this to America at some point, but I can tell y'all for sure that the formula is completely different.  

Sailor - "Can be best described as a classic dark navy cream."  When I first saw this, I thought of China Glaze First Mate....yeah, not so much.  It's much deeper & darker as it shows in the first pic.  The light makes it look much lighter than it really is in that second pic.  Do you need them both?  YES!

Hunter - "Can be best described as a dark sea green cream."  I actually had to google "dark sea green" because this makes me think more of a dark forest green.  It could go either way....tow-may-toe, tow-ma-tow.  The kiddo is excited that I have another polish with his name on it.  As you may see on my pinky, I kinda smudged it a little...don't know how I missed that.

Louise - "Can be best described as rich chocolate brown cream - color you can just dive into."  That is exactly how I would describe it.  In fact, all I wrote on my notepad was "chocolate".  It's pretty self explanatory. And future note to self.....don't paint your nails & go into the other room standing right near a vent, it causes bubbles(see middle finger).

Flynn - "Can be best described as a lush camel brown nude cream."   I totally thought camel colored patent leather shoes when I first saw this.  It would be a perfect color to match those pumps!  

Pepper - "Can be best described as brick red cream."  Again, exactly how I would describe it.  Though in person, to me, it looked a tad more brown than red....but that could be because I was half asleep when I swatched it.  

If you couldn't tell, this was a collection full of creams.  I did find most of these to be a bit thin and really could've used a 3rd coat on a few.  I really have to say I'm digging it.  Livingston, Hunter, Sailor, & Pepper are totally my fav's.  

Be sure to check back tomorrow for some nail art I did with a few of these.  :D

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Zoya Nail Polish – Fall
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Note: Polishes provided for my 100% honest review/opinion.

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