Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Painted Desert with Zoya Cashmere's

**Press Sample**

When I was setting the Zoya Cashmere collection on my desk to swatch, I happened to look next to my notepad & see a cup that I use to hold business cards in.  When I saw this cup, I was inspired to attempt a matching mani.  I started to do it and upon the first stroke I knew I'd have to go another direction with it.  

Polishes used: Flynn, Sailor, Pepper, & Louise.

I started off with 2 coats of Flynn.  Then, using a nail art brush that looks more like an eyeshadow brush, I brushed on Sailor, Pepper, & Louise.  Once that was done I finished it off with a topcoat.

I showed a pic of this when I was finished to my friend Mandy & she said it reminded her of a painted desert.  So, that's how this mani got the name.

I could've scrapped it and started over, but I went with it instead and LOVE how it turned out.  I guess I do my best nail art at like 2-4AM.  I'll definitely have to do something like this again with more color combo's.

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  1. Amazing. I see the colorful rocks around Sedona here and other fav places I have visited in the colorful desert areas. I like it's not literal but lets my mind wander as it does when I look at the rocks.

    1. :D Thank you. It makes me want to visit the desert.

  2. Replies
    1. It varies. I think for this I used Nutra Nail Speed Dry.


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