Wednesday, June 12, 2013

True Blood - Blood Will Spill

I'm so excited for season 6 of True Blood to start this weekend.  When this show first started, I wasn't the least bit interested.  About halfway through season 3 or 4, I thought I'd give it a look to see what all the fuss was about & I'm so glad I did.  I watched every episode from the beginning and then read the books, backwards I know.  Since then, I've rewatched the entire series at least 3 times.  It's that good, at least in my opinion.

The idea for this mani came from the promo picture, Blood Will Spill.

Let me start off by fully disclosing that my cuticles are in horrible condition, this I know.  I also did this mani at 4am during a bout with insomnia, so my clean-up skills were totally lacking.  I attempted to smooth some of the issues out in photoshop, but totally failed at it and decided to post anyway.  I've never claimed to be perfect, and never will be....but I do try.  Also, I'm totally jealous of those of you who can get your thumbs in pictures.  It hurt my hand and wrist to do this.

For this I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White, as a base....2 coats.  I applied a topcoat to help it dry faster.  Then I used the Fantasy Makers(WetNWild) Vamp Red...which was a gift from Destany at Confessions Of A Sarcastic Mom along with KleanColor Blood with a straw as the blood splatter.  My first successful splatter art also. :D  To help with the cleanup of the blood splatter, I used chapstick around my nails first.  It really does help.  Then once I had the blood on, I let it dry in front of a fan because for this art it really doesn't matter if there are bubbles.  Once that was close to dry I applied topcoat again so it would make sure that the white acrylic paint for my letters wouldn't bleed into the red.  I used a tiny tiny brush and freehanded the words "Blood Will Spill" with the white acrylic paint.  Let that dry in front of a fan then finished off with a final topcoat. 

That was a LOT of steps, but so worth it.  I really like the splatter and will probably do that color combo again on its own.  I think the Blood over top of the Vamp Red really works nicely together. 

Are you a Trubie?  Who is your favorite?  I have to admit, I love them all. 

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