Thursday, June 6, 2013

May Empties (and an apology)

*some products(noted) in this post were provided for review*

I'm back, and hopefully getting into the swing of things.  Make sure to check the end of the post for why I've been sorta MIA.

Anywho, to my May empties.  I completely forgot to take a pic until I put everything in a bag to take to the trash and did the video while I couldn't sleep the other night.  If I'm sorta scatterbrained with this post, it's because it's almost 3AM and I can't sleep & currently have a migraine trying to show its ugly head.

Urgh,the watermark didn't save.

Mainstays Peach & Mango 3 wick candle - ALMOST as good as the Market Peach(my fav) from BBW.  My neighbor picked it up for me as a thank you gift for making sure one of their UPS packages wasn't stolen off their porch.  I believe Mainstays is a Wal-Mart only brand, but I'm definitely going to have to get more of this scent as this one jar was only $3.50.  

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent - The first product, in ages, that I've hit pan on.  I've barely hit it, but I've done it.  I like how well this works, it could work better....but I have extremely oily skin and nothing is going to totally work on me.  The only thing I hate about this is the lid doesn't want to stay on and always pops off, so I can't travel with it.  It's a good product for the price, but I think once this is gone I'm going to try something else.

Pantene Color Preserve Smooth Shampoo - I'd previously finished off a sample bottle of this and was so pulled in by the smell that I remember from my teens.  However, this stripped my hair color so very badly.  I think worse than any other shampoo...even those that aren't color preserve specific.  I love the smell, and wish I could have it as a hair perfume, but I can't purchase this again knowing it'll kill my hair.

Downy Unstoppables in Lush and Spring - I absolutely love these.  They're just an in-wash scent booster, but boy do they smell great.  I tried the spring first and fell in love with it.  It's amazeballz.  THe first time I used it was a while back when we'd gotten new mattresses for the beds & I washed like every piece of linen in the house.  I didn't care so much for the lush, though I love lavender.  I'm currently using the Fresh and loving it as well.  I think next I'll try the Shimmering that Sam Schuerman loves to much since seeing these in her empties videos prompted me to try them.

Peach Sparkle Bath & Body Works Shower Gel - Ack, I can't find this even listed on the BBW site anymore, so I think it's discontinued, which I hate when they do that.  I got this a year or more ago on clearance & loved that I didn't have to moisturize after showering with this.  The smell wasn't as in your face peach as I'd have liked, but it was nice.  I really need the Market Peach scent in a shower gel.  IJS.

Cinnamon Heaven PocketBac sanitizer from Bath & Body Works - I'm shocked I haven't emptied one of these sooner.  I literally have these everywhere in my house and purse.  I actually need to put one in my truck too.  I'm obsessed & at $1ea(when they run their 5 for $5 sales) you can't beat it.  The scents are awesome.  I just hate finding one (I'm looking at you red velvet cupcake of Christmas 2010) that I'm absolutely IN LOVE with and then they disappear.  

Castor Oil - I use this in my OCM(oil cleansing method) blend.  I actually need to get back on that regime 100% as my skin is currently hating me for some reason.  

Mixed Chicks hair products - That link will take you to my review & these samples were provided.  I'm totally in love with that line of haircare.  :D

Bic Comfort 3 Advance razor - I got these for the man & he didn't care for them.  SOOOOO I use them.  I find they don't rust as fast as every other razor I've ever tried, but I'm not totally in love with them.  I still have a 4 pack to get through, but I've got some others as samples that I'm going to try first.

Now for the apology.  I know not everyone can see my posts on Facebook, because of how they want pages to pay for everyone to only about 1/2 of y'all may have seen....unless you also follow me on Instagram.  I didn't plan to drop off the face of the blogosphere.  I'd originally just taken a few days to kinda get things done and I didn't feel like doing anything.  Between some personal issues, hitting a depression slump, and an ER visit for migraines I've had a blah few past weeks.  It could've been worse and I'm thankful that it hasn't.  I've pretty much spent the past few days in bed, with the exception of chatting with my neighbor for a little bit, as some of the medicines that help one issue make another one way worse.  

Now, as it's 3:30AM, if I could only go to sleep and drop kick this migraine I'd probably feel better.  So, hugs to all of you who may need them regardless of your situation.  Thank you for sticking around.

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