Monday, April 22, 2013

Zoya Stunning Collection

*polishes provided for review*

Today, for y'all, I have swatches of the Zoya Stunning Collection.  The Irresistible Collection will be up later this week.

This is another one that I was iffy about....until I applied them.  Zoya, and some other brands, are making orange polishes that I'm starting to like.  

So, lets jump to it.  I used 3 coats and top coat for all of these, though some really only needed 2.

Darcy - "Can be best described as a full coverage, sunny yellow cream."  This definitely is bright, but not too out there.  It almost makes me think of French's mustard with a subtle shimmer.

Thandie - "Can be best described as a full coverage, citrus orange cream."  This is sooooooo pretty.  It does have a subtle shimmer in it & reminded me of a bright orange sherbet color.  

Micky - "Can be best described as a full coverage, amazing coral cream."  It's definitely a peachy/pink/coral with a subtle shimmer.  I'm going to date myself with this, but since seeing this I can't stop singing Mickey by Toni Basil.  I had that single on vinyl when I was a kid.  

Yana - "Can be best described as a full coverage, Geranium pink cream."  This also has a subtle shimmer to it.  I thought poppy pink, but geranium seems about the same.  It's very bright and vivid.  

Rocky - "Can be best described as a full coverage, serene blue cream."  At first glance I thought it would possibly be a dupe for some of the other marine-ish blue creams that I own.  When I swatched them on a wheel(I couldn't get a decent accurate picture) they are nothing alike.  I would say it's a light, yet dusky, cousin to OPI Fly.

Josie - "Can be best described as a full coverage, grassy green cream."   I thought of it as a mix between a bright moss and a celadon green.  A gorgeous shade.

Honestly, I loved all of these.  Even though I've never been an orange or yellow fan.  With the exception of Rocky and Josie, I noticed a very subtle shimmer once on the nail.  I'm sure I could've gotten away with 1 coat on most, but I did 3 thin coats just to make everything even.

I think my favorites would be Rocky, Yana, Micky, Thandie, Josie, then Darcy.  So...the entire collection.

These are currently available for order on for $8ea., and are part of the Earth Day promo.

Note: Polishes in this post were provided for review.

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  1. These ARE stunning!! I want them all! I don't even like yellow, but I have to have Darcy


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