Friday, March 8, 2013

Hard Candy - Jelly Bean Blue & Pixie Pink

Today I have 2 of the new Hard Candy polishes.  These are from the Candy Sprinkles collection.  Over the weekend, I'll show you some from the others, but wanted to go ahead & get these up. 

Both of these required 3 thin coats, but could possibly use less if you do thicker coats or use a similarly colored base underneath. 

Jelly Bean Blue -  Milky light blue sheer base with blue & matte black specks of glitter.  I did use a top coat with this and highly suggest one as it dries sorta satiny. 

Pixie Pink - Sheer milky pink(almost lavender) base with pink, white, and teal blue specks of glitter.  This one also requires a top coat.

Both of these were quite sheer, but nothing that using a base color wouldn't help with.  I definitely need more of these candy sprinkles.

These retail for $3.97(though mine has them for $4.00) at Wal-Mart stores and should be available on soon.

Do you have any of these?  How did you like them?

~Note: These items were sent for my 100% honest review/opinion.

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